Jan. 3rd, 2017

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This is an early PicFic first posted back 2012. Time flies when you're having fun writing Man from UNCLE stories. Considering its winter for a lot of us, I thought this would be a nice temperature change...

It was a hot, sultry night. Too hot to sleep in his stuffy little apartment. The windows wide open did little good, as there was no breeze, just humid air hanging over him like a clinging wet blanket. He’d taken several cold showers, but the comfort they brought him was short lived.

He walked out into the night as he’d done so many times before during this heat wave, seeking solace in the streets, finding a bar that had air conditioning and hopefully some good music.  Once or twice he met a woman and went home with her, or to an air conditioned hotel.

Tonight he wanted none of that, as he yearned for a peace the concrete  city did not offer, he wanted to escape the noise and the ever present lights, there was only one place he could find that nearby for that...Central Park.

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