Jan. 5th, 2017

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The lyrics for "The Show Must Go On" and "Who Wants to Live Forever" can be found by clicking on the links.  Posting begins Thursday, January 19th and goes through Saturday, January 21st.

The rules are simple: Write a story of minimally 500 words with no maximum length using the lyrics of one of the songs as a prompt.  The lyrics can inspire your tale, provide the setting for your tale or even be the background music of your tale.  If you are feeling truly inspired, write two tales using both prompts.  Please include the phrase "Song Story Challenge" and the month in the Subject field and use the tag "song stories."

Happy writing!

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Since my work schedule is rather hectic right now, I am going to schedule just 3 seasonal writing challenges for 2017. These will be LIFECYCLE Challenges.

For those unfamiliar with LIFECYCLE, the concept is based roughly on the idea of the "circle of life" in that I provide a prompt relating in some way to a facet of human living. Thus stories under this challenge would be able to contain a very broad range of perspectives on any given aspect of life.

Below is is the schedule for 2017.

Companionship Sat, Mar 18 through Sat, Mar 25
Awakening Sat, Jun 17 through Sat, Jun 24
Denial Sat, Sep 16 through Sat, Sep 23


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The world of MFU is full of episodic canon, and that's what we tend to stick to here on Section VII.  The What If Challenge will let us bend things a bit, take something that is and ask the question, 'but what if it was different?'
So, let's start things off with a bang, so to speak.
What if Angelique was a double agent?
Gen or, if the mood hits, Het, which you can post in [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room Minimum 500 words, no limit and you can post starting now through next Thursday.

What can you do with a big what if?
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Note: Forgive me, I wrote this quickly tonight because I felt terrible for missing weeks when I'd been doing so well. That being said, I've already got next weeks story written and waiting. I've just been dealing with a quite strong bout of "everything". I never wrote a thing from about the 6th of December till the 2nd or 3rd of this month, even though deep down I've wanted to.

The holidays are over, I feel a bit better and I began writing again.

Oh! And I've been trying to make all my stories connect, so there's that to watch out for. (All on AO3 in order)

Title: The Agent That Sparkled Affair
Author: Supesfan (Eclecticace)
Prompts: Oil, Purple
Word Count: 1000

The Agent That Sparkled Affair )


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