Jan. 6th, 2017

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The Kuryakin File, one of the longest running gen MFU fanzines is again looking for stories for issue #37. I need stories and art. Gen stories, artwork, poems, cartoons, filks, just about anything UNCLE related are welcomed. Run it past me and I’ll be the judge if it will work in this zine. All manuscripts will be edited. The zine is pdf only, mainly due to printing costs a contributor's copy will be sent to anyone who submits to the zine.

Send all submissions to me at: lemadden52@gmail.com

No deadline at this time, but really would like to publish by mid May, 2017.

Thanks, and any questions, just ask.


Lisa Madden
NorthCoast Press

My note - Lisa says that this issue will be dedicated to Robert Vaughn. I've worked with and known Lisa for nearly forty years. She is a great editor and you can trust her with your work. Also, the stories don't have to be just about Illya.
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Our comm. as well as the Canteen have been hit with spam videos as of late, usually vids related to cats. (at the moment)

As you know we generally post vids here related to MFU or a MFU story, (or a particular holiday) so just as a precaution, don't open these cat videos as they could contain a virus.  I've been deleteing the vids and banning the users, but the vids keep showing up under different user names.

We may have to go back to locking  the community, temporarily.  Which means non-members will have to be approved to join Section VII in order to post. We deny any suspicious requests for membership and ban the user name.

However, this non-MFU vid- related to my post is safe to view:


Jan. 6th, 2017 09:49 am
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[livejournal.com profile] mrua7 has alerted us to the hackers and spammers scenario, and to avoid any real damage to our community I've set the locks on a few things.  Only members may post and new membership is moderated.  We've had to do this once or twice, just to avoid the nuisance that these people present.  Hopefully we can open things up shortly.
In the meantime, writing and reading is highly recommended by all.
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I had to post late last night because of my internet issues... snow on the ground and all that mess.  Anyway, I did finally post the prompt for our first ever What If Challenge, and you can find that posting HERE
I hope we'll have lots of stories to read based on this prompt.

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This is a short piece but one that, from the first reading, I found to be so compelling that it probably influenced a lot of how I write Kuryakin.  A story by [livejournal.com profile] eponymous_rose is always a good read, and this is no exception.  There's snow on the ground here, and so I give you a cold weather scenario ...
Glass Threads on AO3


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