Jan. 7th, 2017

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I've posted these previously, but it's cold outside and not likely to warm up any.  I'm hoping these will help out with the indoor temps at least.
My Vanya series actually begins with Illya and Marion, so I'm posting the two stories that are part of that storyline. 
If you've never encountered my version of the Return Movie scenario, I hope you'll enjoy how it goes in my world.
A Fragile Heart
One Time
House of Vanya

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Writer's and Reader's Choice gives you an opportunity to get your stories
out there to be read again or for the first time, as sometimes
they just get lost out there in the cyber world.

There's lots of fanfiction out there that
people haven't read at all or for a long time. 

Post links to your tales or repost them to section7mfu.

Readers, pick your favorite stories from the world of
the Man from U.N.C.L.E. and post a link to them here.

Gen, Gen-Mature recs post on section7mfu
Het, AU, long-term Romance post in mfu_map_room
Pre-slash, slash post in uncle_du_jour


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Stories by St. Crispin's never disappoint and this one is a like long read for the weekend.  An UNCLE orogins story!


In 1969, after surviving a brutal interrogation, Solo and Kuryakin are sent to a Swiss clinic to recuperate and be re-evaluated for field duty, while a parallel story set in 1946 reveals the origins of U.N.C.L.E. the first part of the Origins Trilogy.

(click on the image to take you to the story)

"The long St. Crispins Day"


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