Jan. 20th, 2017

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Part I

The two men left the Commissary.  “Napoleon, I will finish ‘my’ paperwork later, I have something that needs my attention in the Lab.  Unless, of course, it needs to be done quickly.  You know where it is if you wish to do it.”

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Yesterday slipped past and I forgot to post another What If? prompt.  Gee, what if I remembered everything I need to do?  That's a prompt I'd like to write with a happy ending.
Stories should be Gen (although this entire concept is pretty much AU), minimum 500 words, and posts anytime through next Thursday on the 25th.  So, here's the prompt that can post for the next eight days...
What if Illya only worked in Section VIII? 
Here's a link to the MFU organizational structure ... UNCLE

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This is a redux of a PicFic posted three years ago but it was too perfect for this challenge. I've made quite a few changes.

The THRUSH temptress known only as Marlena leaned forward, flashing her milky white cleavage at the Russian.

Surprisingly, she unlocked the handcuffs that held him to a chair in their interrogation room.

Why these women insisted on going by their first names was beyond his comprehension, Angelique, Serena and now Marlena; a name was a name and to Illya it meant nothing more than that. Napoleon, wherever he was seemed intrigued by the single-named women, especially Angelique...

“Marlena? What are you doing?” Illya asked, rubbing his reddened wrists.

“I’m setting you free...”

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