Jan. 26th, 2017

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Okay, we're starting out slow but it's a new year, new obstacles and sometimes not enough inspiration or time to write.  We're not giving up though, this new challenge is going through and we'll all get into it, I hope, eventually.  Thanks to those who have written stories for this new challenge, as well as the other challenges that are ongoing.
I'm still sort of slow after my ER day, just now going back to work for the first time this week.  I had thought I'd be able to get some writing done but mostly I haven't gotten to anything worthwhile for several days now.  My goal is to turn that upside down, so if you think I've been absent, my apologies for being slack.  I'm keeping up, just not as well as I'd like.
Okay, that's all on that.  I know some others here have days lingering where they just don't have the muse or the inspiration to write.  Let's all band together and see if we can get something twirling among us that speaks of our MFU love, and translates into words on a page.
I'm for you.
The challenge is an AU scenario, minimum 500 words, Gen in genre.  Posting begins as soon as you have a story and runs through next Thursday.  Have fun with it!
Now... What If... Illya was CEA and Napoleon the new recruit?  How does that look? (the badges already reflect that ;)
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Title: The Deadly Admirer Affair, Act I: Midnight Bagel Runs
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~2400
Author: Rose of Pollux

This is my first full-fledged multichapter venture in the MFU fandom, so I have high hopes for it. I know I’m not the first to do a Gurnius aftermath fic, but I’m hoping my spin on it is unique enough. Also, in addition to focusing on the dynamic between Napoleon and Illya, as I usually do, I’ll also be featuring their interactions with some of their fellow colleagues (namely Mark, April, Mandy, and George).

If you prefer reading there, cross-posted to ff.net and AO3.

Act I: Midnight Bagel Runs )


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