Jan. 27th, 2017

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This is an older story, the kind that first invited me into the world of MFU fanfiction.  There is a distinct difference in the style of writing when you start to compare stories now and ... then.  This one is on the Way Back Machine, so let it load.  There is a bit of heartache here, some history and revelation about life before UNCLE.  Leading into our Happy Ever After Challenge, this is a bit of romance for our souls.  Well, romance and angst, I'm warning you.
The Long Lost Memory Affair by satyricon au go go

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“What are you reading,” Solo asked of his partner.
Kuryakin was seated at his desk with what looked like a Chinese newspaper in his hands.

“Oh just something I picked up in Chinatown yesterday.  Tonight marks the Chinese New Year, the year of the snake. This zodiac information here is quite fascinating.”

“Peachy, if you like snakes. I thought you didn’t go in for all that zodiac nonsense?”

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WHAT IF…Illya was CEA and Napoleon the new recruit?
In The Beginning . . .

Illya had a reputation for being as sharp as a knife. He ran Section Two like a ticking clock; paperwork was always completed on time, and his agents too all made sure their paperwork was completed and sent up before they dared think about gadding about after coffee or gossip. They went down for their physicals exactly on time, and no one even complained when it was time for their regular psyche evaluations.

No one dared.

The Russian CEA was just too plain scary to risk raising his ire.

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