Feb. 1st, 2017

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Prompt: What if... Illya was CEO and Napoleon the new recruit?


The young man seemed to move effortlessly as he covered the distance from elevator to office door.  THE office door.  The one belonging to Alexander Waverly.

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Posting begins next Monday, February 6.  Think kissing and cuddling and all things romantic.  Champagne suppers and picnics with your favorite foods.  Candlelight, fairy lights, fireworks... What's your pleasure?
We can go as mushy and romantic as we've ever dreamed possible.  Comic, euphoric or happy as a clam, let's go all out this Valentine's Day with stories that capture the giddy delights of true love.
If it's too hot for Section VII you can post over on mfu_map_room but for this special day we're letting our AU fantasies roam free here on S7.
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“Lookout!” Illya Kuryakin came dashing around one of the grey corridors in headquarters. He nearly plowed into Napoleon, who slammed back against the wall to avoid the collision.

“Sorry,” Illya yelled as he rounded the next corner.

Moments later at least a half-dozen women followed, though in their heels and tight black pencil skirts they couldn’t exactly run.

Solo watched as each woman passed him until the last one, a petite brunette named Debbie Harrington, stopped.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“Illya has tickets to the Beatles performance at Carnegie Hall!”


“Napoleon Solo, sometimes you can be so square.”

A/N Feb 12th is the 52nd anniversary of the Beatles performing at New York's Carnegie Hall
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"It looks permanent."

Shaking their heads, the doctors walked away from the bed, avoiding eye contact with the other man in the room.

"Oh Napoleon…" Illya Kuryakin had seen his partner in many difficult situations, but nothing like this.

"Illya?"  The voice was almost mournful.

"I'm here my friend.  They're doing everything possible, but…"

"But what?"

"The person who did this was an artist, and did his job well."

Napoleon sighed now like a man condemned.

"I'm still me."

Illya tried to not focus on the tattoo on Napoleon's exposed left buttock. Ironically, Betty Boop seemed at home there.


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Turning the corner, as he headed towards the gym, Napoleon found Illya lurking outside the locker room. He was smiling. As Solo got closer he could hear several raised voices coming from within. He couldn’t make out everything, but he did hear many people claiming things along the lines of, ‘only someone with a complete death wish would take him on’.

“What tickles you, Tovarisch?”

“I asked for the new recruits to decide amongst themselves which of them would be partnering me for judo practice.”

Napoleon laughed.

“You’re a sadistic man, Kuryakin,” he told his partner. “And you enjoy it.”



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