Feb. 6th, 2017

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Today marks the beginning of our Love Fest here on Section VII.  Stories can post today through Valentine's Day either here or at [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room is it's too steamy for these corridors.
Remember, this is an all out assault on romance, so be as sweet and heart driven as you like.  The rules no longer apply, except for the ones about Gen and a 500 word minimum.
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Yesterday's poll was a success, and the cumulative answers provided a bit of a plot line for anyone interested in one of our rare but fun Poll Challenges.  With a Poll Challenge you take the results of the poll and weave them into a story using them as your prompts and guidelines.  You can go back and see the poll results HERE

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These Prompts are for stories due on February 13th, which is the day before Valentine’s Day. With this in mind, how about a little romance? It doesn’t necessarily have to be the agents in love. It could be the bad guys, or the innocents, or even a member of staff. Of course, you don’t have to theme your story; just write what the prompts give you.

You’ll find everything you need to know beneath the cut. To join in with today’s posts, just click this link for the prompts.

Remember, Section VII is a Gen site, but stories which are Het, Long-term Romance or AU can be posted in the Map Room. You’ll find the link for it down the side there.

Have fun

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Challenge: The Short Affair

-Prompt Word #2 – Floor

-Prompt Colour – Gold

Author: mrua7

Title: ‘To the rescue’

Word count: approx. 850

The only source of light in the blackness of the rocky tunnel was Napoleon’s small flashlight. He’d gone farther inside, moving carefully, one foot carefully placed a step at a time.

At first there was the sound of sand and pebbles crunching beneath his feet, but eventually that changed to something soft, squishy.

Salt air, that’s what it smelled like at first but seconds later it hit him, the distinctive odor of bat guano and urine covering the floor.

Solo gagged, and pulling his handkerchief he held it over his nose and mouth.

“Jill?” He called out, hoping she was still alive.

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Short Affair 2/6
Prompt: Partner
Color: Gold

Title: The Good Life
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~1000

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This picfic happens to fall on Valentine's day, though the prompt doesn't have to be in relation to the holiday.  Just let your imagination run free and write a MFU story! It can be adventurous, funny, romantic, nostalgic, whereever your muse takes you with it!

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Here's your prompt:

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Prompts: floor, gold
Word count: 767


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Prompts - Floor/Gold
Word Count - 563

The floor was 20ft down from Illya’s enforced position. After waking up a day ago, in the cramped cage which was hanging from the ceiling, he’d had plenty of time to work out the height. He also knew that there were exactly 2374 tiles, laid out in a black and gold diamond pattern. The colour choice had intrigued him at first, but then he’d taken in the rest of the room. Peeling gold columns, and tattered brocade curtains, which were also gold, suggested a long forgotten ballroom.

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