Feb. 18th, 2017

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Writer's and Reader's Choice gives you an opportunity to get your stories
out there to be read again, as sometimes they just get lost in the cyber world.

Lots of stories out there that people haven't read at all, or for a long time.

Writers, post links to your tales or repost them in full
Readers, pick your favorite stories from the world of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.
and post a link to them.

Gen, Gen-Mature recs post on section7mfu
Het, AU, long-term Romance post in mfu_map_room
All other genres post in uncle_du_jour

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A piece written for a PicFic a few years ago.

It's a quiet morning at headquarters leaving Napoleon and Illya a little bored.

click on the image (which was the prompt) to take you to the story.

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One of my favorite stories by Avery!

Work Text:

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Kuryakin File #37 is finished and ready for consumption!!

Zine is 124 pages, DIGITAL ONLY. May be read on an iPad, Kindle, or computer as it is in pdf format. The zine may not be printed, however.

Cost of the zine is $5.00 via PayPal (if you want to send a check via snail mail, let me know and I’ll give you my address). Use lemadden52@gmail.com for PayPal account.

If you would prefer a printed zine, contact me off this list and I’ll look into pricing.

And don’t forget….now actively seeking stories, poems, filks, artwork, cartoons, you name it, for Kuryakin File #38!!!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support.


Lisa Madden
The Kuryakin File fanzine
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Written for a PicFic in 2013, it's a clever mystery.
Needless to say we miss Avro's tales!

(click on the image to take you to the story)

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Summary: A grim trilogy of events. Illya finds it difficult to distinguish
what is real and what isn't

(click on the image to take you to the story by the one and only Gina Martin)

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[livejournal.com profile] mrua7 started a discussion over on [livejournal.com profile] uncle_du_jour regarding the Gurnius Affair, which led me to think of a particular story I read a few years ago.  Turns out there is a page on Tumbler, Our Men From UNCLE, that lists every Gurnius related story they could locate.  There's quite a list.  You can find it HERE

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A memorable and touching tale called The Kindness of Strangers by Avery11 (on AO3) is one that stayed with me long after I first read it, so it is my choice for this week's reader's (and writer's) choice.  At the conclusion of a difficult mission, an exhausted Illya encounters a new problem.


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