Mar. 3rd, 2017

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Okay, I've updated the original post and all of the previous prompts are there.  If you wanted to write but were hesitant it's time to forge ahead into this AU concept and give us a story.  You can find the details HERE
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Five years ago we were a fledgling community whose aim was to cultivate new gen fiction for the MFU fandom.  We had our first series of challenges in the HODOWE, Holidays of Dubious Origins Writing Event.  The archives of this challenge have some very fine stories, and one of the early ones by [ profile] carabel certainly stands among them.  You should read the story referenced in the introduction first, as suggested.  It is another fine fiction from this writer, one of our original moderators here on Section VII.  You can read more of the stories from the Vernal Equinox HODOWE Challenge by clicking HERE.
Ignus Fatuus by carabele


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