Mar. 9th, 2017

What If?

Mar. 9th, 2017 07:50 am
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Last Thursday I opened the door for open posting on all previous prompts.  The Wild West MFU prompt is the most recent, and you can find all of that HERE.
Because we're using March to catch up, I'm going to let the prompts ride as they are without adding a new one this week.
What If? lets us explore other versions of the various elements within MFU, creating a subtle shift in the reality or canon viewpoint.  It isn't too late to start writing, we're only just beginning...

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The prompt: What if The Man from UNCLE and its characters were set in 1880?

Two men, one clothed smartly in a crisp white shirt with black string tie, striped vest and pressed pants; he had leather gloves on his hands and a black stetson hat with a sterling silver band on his head.  His face was handsome and chiseled.

Hanging low on his hip was a black leather holster, in it a pearl handled  Smith and Wesson Schofield .45 six shooter. Inlaid in the pommel of that gun was the initial ‘S’.

The other man walking beside him was in less well kept clothing, his hat hanging on his back, draped from a cord around his neck. He wore a vest, light colored trousers and shirt, but appeared more disheveled like a working cow hand.

He was a fair haired, skinny, and a bit shorter in stature that his companion. One outstanding feature was his eyes, they were as blue as the sky but had a coldness to them even in the stifling heat of Texas.

His gunbelt hung low on his hip; the well oiled the brown leather belt held his pistol with the letter ‘K’ inlaid into the dark pommel. His was a Smith and Wesson as well, but with Russian modifications.

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Once dismissed, Napoleon and Illya headed out and retrieved their horses from the stable; Kuryakin riding a feisty black stallion, Solo sat atop a gorgeous palomino with a flowing white mane and tail.

Solo’s saddle was ornamented with silver, while the Russian’s was plain black leather, but well cared for.

They spurred their horses to a gallop, heading out of Laredo with a plan to meet with Sir Reginald at his ranch.

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Title: The Deadly Admirer Affair, Act VII: Things Happen in Threes
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~2700
Author: Rose of Pollux

If you prefer reading there, cross-posted to and AO3.

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