Mar. 14th, 2017

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Napoleon Solo sat with chin in hand, a small smiling curving his lips, an appreciative gleam in his eyes. Illya Kuryakin followed his gaze across the commissary to the stool at the end of the counter. A woman perched there, engrossed in a journal. Her figure was soft and deeply curved. As she read she twisted her waist, swiveling the seat ever-so-slightly left and right.

“Your soup is getting cold,” Illya said.

“Hmm? Oh.” Napoleon tore his gaze from the mesmerizing movements of the rounded derrière.

“She is not on the menu.”

“Maybe not, but she would be a charming armful on the dance floor. And I happen to be free for dinner.”

“Shouldn’t you find out her name first?”

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Prompts: delicate/silver
Words: 564
This is a follow-up to my PicFic In Psittacus Veritas Pt.1, a sort-of deleted scene. It gave too much away to include in the other story or to post yesterday, but I wanted to share it nonetheless.

The head of Section IV, UNCLE HQ NY, hovered in the office doorway. “Verity—I mean, uh, Miss Charles. Can I talk to you a minute?”

“Of course, Mr. Dennell. Come in.”

“Come in. Come in.” From its cage in the corner, a silver parrot echoed her high-pitched voice with uncanny accuracy.

George crossed the threshold, the door whispering shut behind him. He tapped his fingers together at his waist and cleared his throat. “It’s kind of a delicate matter.”

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As Napoleon approached the office he shared with his partner, he could hear someone, or something, screeching ‘I have the secret’ over and over. Entering the room, he found it dominated by a large birdcage, which was housing an African Grey Parrot.


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