Mar. 18th, 2017

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Ever wonder what the corridors of UNCLE would say if they could.  Well sit back and rest a spell.

Hello there.   Glad you could join us.   I was just explaining to these agents here that people say if walls could talk what tales we would tell.   Well if anyone were to ask, I’d be more than happy to share some of my favorite stories with them. 
Listen while I entertain you )
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Writers, post links to your fics or repost them in full
Readers, pick your favorite stories from
the world of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.
and post a link to them.


Gen, Gen-Mature recs post on section7mfu
Het, AU, long-term Romance post in mfu_map_room
All other genres post in uncle_du_jour

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I'd like to rec a story that was just posted today. Written by jkkitty, it's for the LIFECYCLE CHALLENGE: Companionship.

Titled : "If Walls Could Talk"

It's a very clever and well written story from a different POV. For jkkitty to be posting this only days after losing her husband of 40 years is a major show of strength on her part and her love of the MFU.


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