Mar. 21st, 2017

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This week is a catch up week! It's open posting for any past PicFics.

If you wanted to write a story for a PicFic
but never got around to it, or finished your story,
well now's your chance.

Just go the the Archive calendar on Section VII,
click on any Monday to find a previous prompt,
and go to it. Write Away!
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For some reason LJ won't let me post a story with only 2000 words. So I have to post in two parts...sigh.

Solo and Kuryakin made their way along the drab corridors of headquarters, heading to Mr. Waverly’s conference room.

It was one of those days, quiet with nothing really happening until the call came to report to Waverly’s conference room to meet someone, and that someone was of all things...a parrot.

“I can’t believe he had a bird flown here on one of our private jets,” Napoleon said.

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“With all times?” Napoleon swallowed hard.

Illya leaned over, whispering a dig to him.” She is going to cut into your dating schedule.”

If Waverly hadn’t been present, Napoleon would have flipped him the bird, as the saying goes. He smiled to himself, suddenly amused at that little pun.

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My creative juices have decided not to flow today so instead of writing something I'm going to link you to the first Pic Fic story I ever wrote. It was way back in May 2014 and, because I hadn't figured out how to schedule a post, I was early with it.

Click on the picture and it will take you to AO3.



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