Mar. 22nd, 2017

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Hello all! We're posting this as an update to everything that goes on here on
[ profile] section7mfu.  We have lots of options.  It's Spring, so time to do some house
cleaning and switching things up.

So if you could please comment on which challenges that are on 'hiatus' you'd like to see revived.

Just to clarify, the current challenges and non challenges are not going away, only
the scheduling might change for a few.

Once we hear from enough writers and readers, we'll run a poll to finalize.
You get to help to decide!

Here's the offerings for Section VII:

We're a writing site, that's pretty much all we do here. We're not just all about writing 'challenges', as the site is for open posting as well.  If you've written a gen or gen-mature MFU story, you're most welcome to post it here anytime!

The following is a list of our writing challenges, if you feel like 'jumping into the pool for some fun and games, so to speak. Or again, just post one of your own stories instead.

                             Come Join 3-2

We now have a quite number of challenges to choose from here on Section VII!:

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Napoleon Solo was not interested in the home furnishings catalogues his granddaughter, Aurora, was showing him. The twenty year old was studying interior design and Napoleon had agreed to let her decorate his bathroom.

“I’ve found the most wonderful vintage towel hooks,” Aurora enthused, searching for the relevant catalogue.

Looking at the picture, Napoleon’s mind was instantly transported to another time; a time of adventure, danger, intrigue and, of course, women. It was also the time he’d met his closest friend.

“Are you okay, Grandpa?”

“I’m more than okay, Sweetheart,” he replied, with a wistful smile. “These hooks are perfect".



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