Mar. 24th, 2017

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I will admit that the face of our intrepid Russian seems to pop up more often than his American counterpart.  What are we gonna say to that? Illya Kuryakin just sparked something in more of us, possibly because he was different from us.  He was also a new face, not someone we'd seen before in a Western or another TV show.
I'm working at justifying a childhood obsession, so bear with me.
Anyway, I posted some photos that I'd never seen before over on [ profile] mfu_scrapbook, and you can see them HERE
One of them is particularly intriguing, and I wonder if anyone might want to do some storytelling to go with it.  Let's call it an Impromptu Challenge.  Look it over and see what comes of it.

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It's time for a little Spring cleaning here on Section VII!

We'd like you to tell us which of the following challenges on hiatus
you'd like to see make a come back!

Our current challenges aren't disappearing, so no worries! There just may be
some rotation changes, that's all.

Here's the challenges we'd like you to consider returning:

Ladies First (about the women of UNCLE) hosted by mrua7 (hiatus)

These are stories about the women who work in headquarters, as well as the female
baddies in the outside world. Napoleon, Illya, and Mark can appear, but it's the
ladies who are the protagonists.

All about April hosted by mrua7 (hiatus)

Pretty easy to figure out...stories about April Dancer, and of course her partner,
Napoleon and Illya can appear but Miss Dancer is the protagonist.

What's my Line? hosted by glennagirl (hiatus)

A minium 500 word story based on a phrase that is the prompt. The phrase must appear
in the story.

The Great Episode Challenge-hosted by alynwa (hiatus)

An episode is selected and Alynwa posts an observation or question about something
that happens in it. You write a story based on that.

Please comment here on which challenge you'd like to see again.

Come Join 3-2


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