Mar. 28th, 2017

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These guys have stopped by to sing you a birthday song.

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Just a reminder, Picfic will be posting every other week in April. The off weeks will be
open posting or catch up days for previous PicFics that were missed.

No s'cuse to not write a PicFic story, since you'll have two weeks between prompts to do so.
Plenty of time! You know you want to!

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Here's a very Solo-centric prompt: (though it doesn't mean IK can't make an appearance)

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The prompt:


“Will you be more careful,” Napoleon whispered.

“I am trying but it is difficult to avoid naturally occurring  twigs in the middle of the woods,” Illya answered, his voice equally as hushed. Before his partner could admonish him further, he rolled his eyes.

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This was originally written for the short affair prompt for Tuesday 27th March, but at over 1300 words it is too long, and I couldn’t decide what or how much to cut out. That is, partly, why it is a day late. I couldn't keep it to the required number of words, but I credit JantoJones' prompts for the spark.
(*The reference in the story is to The Lake Of Tears Affair)

                                A Shoulder To Cry On

I had been watching her for the last couple of hours. She seemed, on the surface at least, exactly as normal, but I am her partner. I think I can say I know April Dancer better than anyone else at UNCLE. Perhaps her eyes were gleaming a little more than usual? Perhaps she was distracted, preoccupied with something I was not privy to; some problem she had not shared?
It bothered me, because April is a force of nature. To see her so withdrawn saddened and worried me. I had to pick my moment though, and for much of the day we were not alone. Not at liberty to discuss anything other than the security detail we had been assigned to.

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