Mar. 29th, 2017

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I will admit that this drabble is inspired by my continuing battle with The Cough.

The sound of a hacking cough was reverberating throughout his apartment, and Napoleon Solo knew he was in for a rough day.  Only two days ago he'd been in Medical with bronchitis; the result of his mission in a swampy spot filled with everything he detested about nature.

Now he was recuperating at home, although the coughing didn't feel like recuperation.  A coded knock on the door and the turn of a key told him that Illya was finally here, hopefully with his order of chicken noodle soup and Kentucky Bourbon.

"Did you get everything?"


Finally, food and medicine.
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With our first LIFECYCLE Challenge now history (and a big thank you to those who participated), time to set the guidelines for the second LIFECYCLE Challenge, which has a theme of AWAKENING.

Through we have just awakened into the spring season, the second challenge in this 2017 LIFECYCLE series won't awake until the summer season begins its reign. So you have lots of time to consider the particular turns and twists of this writing challenge. ;-)

The theme of AWAKENING can refer to a physical awakening, such as one or both of the guys returning from the realm of near-death to the realm of life. Or alternatively it could bespeak a more philosophical mental or emotional awakening of some type.

With that in mind, here are the guidelines for the LIFECYCLE: Awakening seasonal challenge.

CHALLENGE: Write an MFU fanfic story regarding the idea of AWAKENING. The story doesn't have to necessarily mention or include the actual term; just embody a scenario that fits the concept behind it. Do, however, place the term AWAKENING in a comment at the start of the story for clarity.

STATISTICAL STUFF: Minimum of 500 words with no set maximum. (Drabbles are not incorporated in this particular challenge.) Must fit into the overall concepts of this community, i.e., contain no explicit adult material and reflect the 1960s series in style and content. Please tag your story with the lifecycle tag.

POSTING: To this forum starting on Saturday, June 17th, and ending on Saturday, June 24th.
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(a drabble and a half)

“I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted.” Napoleon flopped onto the sofa in the office he shared with Illya.

Kuryakin slowly looked over at him. “Well if you had not had a late night with Ramona or was it ...Sheila, then you would not be tired.”

“No it was Cindy, Ramona was Friday, Sheila was Saturday.”

“Three women in three days. Is that not a bit excessive my friend?”

“Never,” Napoleon grinned.

Illya shook his head as he inserted a piece of paper into the roller of his typewriter.

“One of these days a woman will be the end of you, and do not remark on it being an exceptional, or unusual nature of your death.”

“Do you mean to say, what a way to go?”

“I believe that is what I said.

“Not quite but well, yes ...what a way to go!”

“Tsk.” Kuryakin couldn’t help clicking his tongue.

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Having spent a great deal of time in the company of Napoleon Solo, few things surprised Illya. However, when the man entered their shared office with a pink teddy bear, it was enough to raise a curious eyebrow.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” Illya asked, frowning at the bear. “Has something resulted from one of your incessant dalliances?”

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