Apr. 6th, 2017

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This month, the artist is The Chairman of the Board himself singing "Luck Be a Lady" and "One For My Baby."  You can click on the links for the lyrics.

Write a minimum 500 words, no maximum tale using one of the songs as a prompt.  It can inspire the tale, be the background of the tale or be the tale itself.  Please remember Section VII is a gen site; if you are inspired to write het or slash, you are more than welcome to do so, but post those stories in the map_room or uncle_du_jour, respectively.

Posting begins Thursday, April 20th and runs through Saturday, April 22nd.  I look forward to what your creations.

Happy writing!
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You can see the conversation and vote in the poll HERE
The topic is the new Users Agreements on LJ
and the land of Dreamwidth.
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 As of 12 hours ago the comments to the imported entries was waiting in the queue... still there waiting it seems.  We're using DW as our backup, and I'm going to keep on importing what originates on LJ.  Hopefully we'll have smooth sailing and this will simply be our back up plan for trouble that never appears.
Let us hope.
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It had seemed to April as though she had been waiting forever. She had been through one temporary partner after another; agents on temporary transfer, or whose own partners were on leave. She suspected though, that the truth of the matter was that despite Mister Waverly’s high praise of her abilities and her intelligence, he had been having difficulty finding a partner for her that firstly, would be a good fit, and secondly, was willing to be partnered with a girl.

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