Apr. 7th, 2017

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I've left the poll open for all who are interested.
You can access it HERE
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Back by popular demand, it’s The Great Episode Challenge.

This monthly challenge will present two prompts drawn from a single episode, allowing you to explore unresolved scenes, unanswered questions, and uncertain motivations.

So here we go.

In New York City, on a street in the East Forties, there’s an ordinary tailor shop. Or is it ordinary?

Episode: The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair

GEC 4/17 Ep
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Every once in a while I have to trim the excess, so to speak.  It's tempting to start a little market here, just among us. Show and Tell at the very least.
Anyway, I have a few David McCallum items that I've decided I can live without, and one of them is now on ebay
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Well, going through my stories and...one is missing! Hmmm? Odd...  So am reposting it with a link. Bummed that I lost about 10 comments on the original posting.

The prompt: What if The Man from UNCLE and its characters were set in 1880?

Click on Napoleon to take you to the storyL


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