Apr. 10th, 2017

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There has been a lot of uncertainty here in the past week, but we can always be sure of our Men from U.N.C.L.E. Unless a beautiful woman walks by Napoleon, or Illya spots a buffet. (Only teasing :-D ).

You’ll find everything you need, for stories due on April 17th, beneath the cut. To join in with today’s posts, just click this link for the prompts.

Remember, Section VII is a Gen site, but stories which are Het, Long-term Romance or AU can be posted in the Map Room. You’ll find the link for it down the side there.

Have fun

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Just a reminder, Picfic will be posting every other week.
The off weeks will be open posting or catch up days for previous
PicFics that were missed.
As well a the new prompts posting for the following week.

No s'cuse to not write a PicFic story, since you'll have two weeks
between prompts to do so.
Plenty of time!

You know you want to!

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Here's your new prompt:

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Challenge: The Short Affair

-Prompt Word #2 – Joint

-Prompt Colour – Black

Author: mrua7

Title: ‘One at a time’ (click on the title to take you to AO3)

Word Count: Approx. 1,000

Warning: some rough language.
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Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin are not accustomed to failure. A missing scene from The Moonglow Affair. Link goes to AO3
The Moonglow Affect
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Short Affair 4/10
Prompt: Fail
Color: Black

Title: Downtime
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~730

Available at AO3

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Prompts - Joint/Black
Word Count - 413

The picture will take you to AO3

IK gun2.jpg
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prompts:  joint, black
Word count: 1119 (a little over!)



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I've closed the poll, but I think we have a pretty good consensus of how people are responding to the big bruhaha regarding the user agreement.
For most of us it looks as though we'll take DW and utilize it more than previously, perhaps even to the exclusion of actually posting original work on LJ.  Several writers are already posting links to other sites rather than have entire stories here on LJ.
It's a shame, but it isn't the end of the world by any means.  Dreamwidth is open and available, and I will continue to import the entries every day or so.  They're pretty backed up right now with a rush on their site from all of this.
You can see and review the poll results HERE


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