Apr. 11th, 2017

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 The queue is still crowded, and our entries are still in there.  They'll eventually all post, so thanks to everyone for just 'carrying on'... we shall get it done.
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I do realize that it is generally Throwback Thursday, but it's Tuesday and we aren't posting PicFic on this particular Tuesday, so ... we make our own rules here on Section VII.
This is a story I wrote in 2012, and if my memory serves, it was for a PicFic photo of a full moon.  Figures, right?  So, here for your enjoyment and a few giggles...

I See A Full Moon Rising

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Like many of you, I'm dusting off the old Dreamwidth account and reacqainting myself with it as it's  similar to, but different from Live Journal.

At present the system over there is a bid backlogged as so many are 'importing' their accounts from LJ to DW, plus there's a lot of new user accounts too. So they're asking everyone to be patient.  Understandable, as I'm sure they're aware of the reason why there's a mass exodus from LJ.

Anyway on Dreamwidth, I'm under my other user name  of mlaw.

So if you are friends with me here, could you please add me to your 'circle' over on Dreamwidth, if you're already there or, plan to join. A number of you have already added me; thank you for doing so.

I'm not leaving Live Journal unless it becomes impossible to remain here, but I don't want to lose any friends in the process of segueing to Dreamwidth.
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I'm doing double duty with the DW accounts, and the content is still in the queue waiting to finish up the latest imports.  Once it's done I'll start on the next batch.
This is what I posted today over on DW for the PicFic make up session.  I actually wrote it a few years ago for another prompt, but without something new this one will serve as my contribution today.
You can find it on Section VII DW
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I know there isn't a pic fic today, but I've finally come up with something from the prompt from February 13th. As is usual for me, I'm really not sure about this one.

Click the pic it will take you to AO3. (I'll start posting to Dreamwidth (and link here) just as soon as I figure out how to use it.)

jewwlled wrist.gif)And, for some reason, the gif doesn't want to work.


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