Apr. 22nd, 2017

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What if April and Illya were partners, Napoleon and Mark best buds and partners.

Previously I posted my story for this challenge based upon April and Illya...but Mark Slate has been nagging me to let him put his word in; so I have added chapter 2 to this challenge story. PARTNERS. Links go to AO3 and to FF.NET
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My access to LJ seems to be no more, so posting my drabble link for the Bard's birthday here :

Brush Up Your Shakespeare - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7729817/922/Is-There-a-Russian-Word-for-Drabble
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Since the IMPROMPTU Shakespeare Challenge by Carabele is on, I'd like to make a request in honor of the bard. (and her challenge)

rec your favorite Shakespeare-related MFU stories today for Writer's and Reader's Choice! BUT, don't forget to post your Shakespearean stories for the challenge too!

It could be tales merely involving a plethora of Sheakespearean quotes...that we know Napoleon likes to use, or it can be driectly related to Shakespeare. There's a quite a few stories out there.

(Even though today's Writer's and Reader's Choice is honor or the Bard you can still you can rec any story you want, as Shakespearean recs aren't mandatory)

Given the new Terms of Service here on Live Journal we 'suggest' going forward, that you post all stories using links only to outside sites that host fanfiction. Do not post stories in full, especially ones not your own...

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Click on the image to take you to the story on AO3 *


This beautiful photo manip was done by Avery11
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If you're feeling romantic today, I offer my story Our Long Love's Day. It is the conclusion to my series World Enough and Time, about Illya and Faustina's rocky road to romance. In keeping with today's theme, Illya does quote the Bard, among other things.

Our Long Love's Day on AO3

World Enough and Time on AO3
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Avirra is having problems getting onto LJ so am posting this for her

"Brush up your Shakespeare"

click on the image to take you to the story


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