May. 29th, 2017

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It's time for your Short Affairs again. Come and join us with a short story of between 300 and 1000 words. You'll find the prompts for stories due on June 5th, along with the rules, down below the cut.

To join in with today's postings simply follow this link for the prompts you'll need.

Remember, Section VII is a Gen site, but stories which are Het, Long-term Romance or AU can be posted in [ profile] mfu_map_room.

Posting directly to Section VII is still fine but, if you wish, you can post your story elsewhere and provide a link. Please say where the link leads as a lot of people are unwilling to go to certain sites. Don't forget, Section VII and the Map Room are both available on Dreamwidth, for those of you who can figure it out (Just let us know if you posted there).

Have fun

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Short Affair 5/29
Prompt: Stir
Color: Yellow

Title: Deep Thought
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~930

Available at my DreamWidth or on AO3 if you prefer reading there.

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  Word count 1300. Sorry I failed, too many words this time. I couldn't work out what to cut out . . .


A stir swept like a breeze through headquarters as the rumour took hold.

            “The Russian is coming back! Kuryakin! It’s true, have you heard? They reckon he’ll be here sometime today!”

As Napoleon Solo stared mutely through the cabin window at the blanket of cloud below, he reflected that this day had been a long time in coming. A year ago, almost to the day, his partner Illya had disappeared, vanished. Snatched by assailants just one block away from the UNCLE building, sent by his CEA on an errand to pick up some flowers and doughnuts for an impromptu office `do’, a small party to say goodbye to UNCLE’s favourite nurse, Naomie Watkins who was leaving to have a baby.

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Word count; 1300 (sorry...far too long this time. I couldn't decide what to cut out!) The link takes you to DW.

Where is Illya?

"This information comes from our THRUSH agent in Moscow. No chance of getting him back. Best to forget him. I’ll be in touch when I am ready to collect. This one will cost you dear.”
Link to AO3


May. 29th, 2017 07:51 pm
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A story in keeping with Memorial Day. Not all warriors have marked graves.

Follow the link to the story at AO3: Warriors.
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This story is best described as pre-Het.

Prompts - Driver/Yellow
Word Count - 581

Click the pic to got to AO3.



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