Jun. 11th, 2017

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Hoping that in the northern hemisphere winter is far away enough for readers not to feel too chilled from [livejournal.com profile] mrua7 's wintry (double) snapshot Grandmother's Lessons, with two short but excellent Illya scenes.
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Hoping that in the northern hemisphere winter is far away enough for readers not to feel too chilled from [profile] mrua7 's wintry (double) snapshot Grandmother's Lessons, with two short but excellent Illya scenes.
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Euphoria is something rare and wonderful, and not the usual state of mind for an agent of the United Network Command for Law Enforcement.  It is most certainly not the usual for the Russian among the ranks of that organization, and yet on this day it was euphoria that permeated his entire being.

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Illya Kuryakin was considered the more bloodthirsty between he and Solo, and at the moment he was reaffirming that fact.


UNCLE didn’t abide by torture but their Russian agent was raised to be a Soviet agent in an era when such things were looked upon as tool, as merely an end to a means.


Napoleon didn’t like his partner going that route either, but understood the need for Illya to do it in this case. Time was of the essence,and if they didn’t get an answer soon...an innocent would die.


Illya circled their THRUSH prisoner like a vulture; the goon was tied to a chair with his wrists tightly bound with rope, secured to the arms of the chair.


“Your name is Sam is it not?”


“Yeah, so what of it?”


“Well Sam, how do you hold up under pain?”


“You don’t scare me Kuryakin!” Sam displayed all the bravado he could muster. Word in the world of THRUSH was that the Russian was a bit crazy, but that was what he’d only heard, just rumors. So far the little runt didn’t look so scary.


That changed literally within the blink of an eye.


Sam watched as Kuryakin’s soft blue eyes darkened and seemed to stare into his very soul.


Illya’s voice filled with coldness. “I am not talking about your everyday sort of pain...no, what I am speaking of exquisite agony.” He held up a scalpel in front of Sam’s eyes.


“I will run this very sharp blade along your arm. First a twinge as your senses awaken to the discomfort. Tingling becomes throbbing and then burning as your life’s blood trickles down along your skin. You will begin to spasm and convulse as your pain intensifies.”


Sam broke out into a cold sweat as the mad Russian touched the blade to the back of his hand.


“Feel the metal, cold is it not? Soon it will be warmed by your blood, your precious life’s blood.”


“Okay okay enough, I’ll tell you where she is, but please don’t touch me?”


Napoleon called in the location and the girl was found safe and unharmed.  


As Sam was led out by the cleanup team, Solo watched  his partner toss the unused scalpel in a nearby trash receptacle.


“Tovarish, I have to admit that was an amazing thing to watch, and you never even laid a hand...or I should say scalpel on him.”


“It is all in the delivery my friend, giving the appropriate looks to fill the subject with terror while uttering keywords to trigger fear.”


“Tell me Illya, would you have cut him if he hadn’t talked?”


“But of course.”


That made Napoleon shiver. He thanked God Illya was on their side.  And to think Kuryakin was a reject from Soviet intelligence…which made Solo hope he’d never run into any of his partner’s former compatriots.

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I posted on Uncle du Jour today.  You can find it HERE
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ABC Affair, Day 5
Title: E is for England
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~610

Summary: In which Illya speaks about quantum physics at Cambridge, and suddenly becomes self-conscious of the possibility of Napoleon being self-conscious, too.

Available at my DreamWidth or on AO3 if you prefer reading there.



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