Jun. 20th, 2017

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We had a poll the other day regarding the movement between LJ and Dreamwidth.  I don't know if all of you were able to vote, but the results can be seen HERE

I think the gist of it became a sense of uncertainty concerning things here on LJ, a divided response to whether or not people would move to DW if things went wonky here.  If you'd like to chime in on it please do so in the comments.  I think we're probably not done with this discussion as several of our members are now exclusively on DW.
I can't promise that we won't eventually move the majority of our activity over to DW, it all depends on what transpires here.  So far we're just a little fish in a big sea, but it only takes one violation of our implied trust in this system to cause concern and possibly action on our part.
More importantly, a lot of people feel violated, regardless of actual incidents of imtrusion.  There are several accounts in our membership that are no longer active on LJ, so that tells me that people are ahead of the expected debacle.
We can only hope that it never arrives, but I continue to import the content here to the DW site so that our links and posts will be ours without compromise.
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 Sorry this took so long, but I am still without a computer...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Click on the Pic to take you to AO3

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Apologies for this taking so long, am still sans computer...

Napoleon finds himself involved with some surprising 'bedfellows' while tasked to solve a good old fashioned murder mystery. This story has multiple (but brief) crossovers.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Click on the Pic to take you to AO3

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ABC Affair, Day 14
Title: N is for New York
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~500

Summary: In which a blizzard snows in Napoleon, Illya, and the cat.

Available at my DreamWidth or on AO3 if you prefer reading there.

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Prompts: Wine / white
Word Count: ~1000

The image takes you to AO3.



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