Jul. 7th, 2017

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The Community is open and posting has begun over on DW.  Collections from writers in all genres can be deposited there as a resource archive for MFU story tellers.  If you posted here then just copy and past into an entry on DW (after you join), and use your name and genre as tags.   I'll be checking on tags to make sure they're being added, as I just did for
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You can find the original entry on this topic HERE
I hope you'll take advantage of this additional tool for storing links to your series/collections.
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What sort of diabolical plots could THRUSH have going now?
Write a story about these two kitties and the peril they are facing.
Or is it something less dangerous than a scheme from the Hierarchy?
You decide.
No minimum or max, just tell us a story.

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The Unified Northern Casualty and Liability Exchange proudly presents The Great Episode Challenge.

This monthly challenge includes two prompts drawn from a single episode, allowing you to explore unresolved scenes, unanswered questions, and uncertain motivations.

And now for tonight's program.

In New York City, on a street in the East Forties, there’s an ordinary tailor shop. Or is it ordinary?

Episode: The Summit Five Affair (S4E1)

GEC 1 July 17

Click for prompts... )
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A Kaleidoscope of Birthday Wishes for [livejournal.com profile] vysila


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