Jul. 8th, 2017

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Section Seven Impromptu Challenge.

Before you start to read…be warned! Silliness ahead!

Where this tale came from I cannot imagine, but now it is here, I have no choice but to run with it.


                                    The incredible tale of Tibbles and Snowy


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At the moment this story is posted only on DW. The incredible tale of Tibbles and Snowy. I will cross post to AO3 and FF once the conclusion has been completed and posted here.
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So, here it is the end of our first full week of July.  School will start up again in a month, which makes me a little sad for the children who don't know what three full months of Summer is like.  That was a true sense of liberation that came upon me, and I imagine others my age; the last day of school and the anticipation of all of those lazy mornings for sleeping in, and the prospect of new experiences and adventures with friends and sometimes distant relatives.

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I'm slowly getting all of my ABC's lined up.
The story is on AO3 - T Is For Turning
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I was perusing pictures of Wet Illya (after [livejournal.com profile] jantojones made a comment), and yes, Wet Illya is a tag over on
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Anyway, it led to this story that I wrote after a request from suezeque who is no longer on lj.  I have wondered where the idea for the story came from, having forgotten that she requested stories using the photo as a prompt.
Here is it if you need yet another story to read today... Dunking Russians
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 This site is not playing ball with me, and it will not allow me to use the cut, or to make any alterations as it normally does. So I have posted part one and the concluding part 2 of this story complete on AO3. and also on FF.NET

Two small cats escape from a THRUSH lab with a big secret. But will they get UNCLE to understand?

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I posted part one of this story on DW earlier today, but now I cannot get DW to play ball. So instead I have posted the complete story (both parts 1 and 2 together) on AO3 and on FF.Net.
Two small cats escape from a THRUSH lab with a big secret, but how can they get UNCLE to understand?


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