Jul. 12th, 2017

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Dan Baldassare was one tough agent, an ex-Marine…

“Once a Marine always a Marine,” he’d say.” It’s okay to say ‘former’ but never 'ex.' ”

Legendary in the field, but time was winding down; he was turning 40. That meant mandatory retirement. Said he’d manage at a desk, but would miss the action.

On his last assignment Dan Baldassare didn’t make it; his life was cut short.

Waverly held a special meeting for his agents, concerned the loss of the man would affect morale… It did, but like Dan they knew they had a job to do regardless of the cost.


Dedicated to the memory of the real Dan Baldassare, 20, a U.S. Marine Corps crewmaster and 2015 graduate of Colts Neck High School NJ, who was aboard the KC-130 that crashed 85 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi. He was one of 15 Marines on the training flight from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina to El Centro, California, to transport personnel and equipment, 7/10/17. May they Rest in Peeace.


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