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We're discussing a big challenge to commemorate the last season of MFU, and the ending our writers would give it to replace the void of cancellation.
You can view, vote and discuss HERE
And, feel free to ask questions or make comments on this thread.
To re-cap the proposed challenge:
The 50 Years After Affair or, How Would You Write The Final Episode Challenge... cheeky ;)
All Genres
5000 word minimum (we aren't legalistic, so if you're missing a few words don't sweat it)
Post on AO3
The date is up in the air, but after New Years seems to be edging out the October date.  Chime in, please.  And remember, our guys are stuck in the 7 Wonders of the World affair if you don't set them free with a new ending.

Also, don't forget the Summer of MFU Challenge is posting on AO3 under The Summer Affair This is a fun exercise in getting the men from UNCLE into swim trunks, surfing or whatever speaks summer to you.  You can post at the site through the end of August.


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