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Some of my series are on AO3, and some on Fanfiction.net, though I do plan to export everthing from FF.net to AO3 and have the stories in order...it's a big job, and not one for today.

On AO3:
Strange, scary stories and the Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Ladies First: the women of U.N.C.L.E.

Friday the 13th
(yes MFU) (updated every Friday the 13th)

Snapshots not all the stories, which number over 350..most are still on Fanfiction.net

Easter Season U.N.C.L.E. stories

The ABC Affair Challenge stories

There's Christmas stories too, but I need to link them into a series...

On Fanfiction.net:
Snapshots- mostly vignettes, like a photograph of life for our brave agents. Some have been expanded to longer stories.

The Randomness of Life: a collection of drabbles, some have been expanded to longer stories.

Other series posted as stand alones are:

The Bowery Mission stories, The Illya series, The Solo Series, The Saga Series (AU).
These are all the ones I need to move to AO3 so that I can get them posted in proper order. It's kind of hard to search for them on FF.net as they're out of order and I have so many stories to go through.

I also have a number of stand alone drabble stories.( now in progress being imported to AO3)

If you're interested:

I also have an NCIS Ducky-centric story called "The Game of Life"

And a Wild Wild West story called "The Night of the Dragon's Fire"

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The Bowery Mission stories, The Illya series, The Solo Series

When you say it like that I'm reminded of "I, Mudd" where he creates the pretty androids: The Anya series, the Lisa series, etc. :-)


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