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Jul. 4th, 2017 07:51 pm
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Putting my list of series here like everyone else, because why not...?

The Boudetase Affair (AO3 or "Baron of THRUSH" saga, about Napoleon and Illya's first meeting and first year as partners, and their quest to take down Silas Moran, the ambitious and dangerous leader of THRUSH and stop his plan to unleash a paralytic gas to show off THRUSH's muscle. [Complete]

Around the World in 26 Days (AO3 exclusive)--my "world tour" of stories for the ABC Affair challenge that just wrapped up. [Complete]

Spies and the Supernatural (on AO3 and on in separate pieces here, here, here, and here)--a misadventure in a bizarre Arizona town kicks off a series of supernatural cases for Napoleon and Illya: two people from the past who resemble them, a cursed mirror, and ghostly encounters. Their two spirit doppelgangers return to request help to be able to find peace, and Napoleon and Illya have to find a way to achieve this goal in the hopes of their lives returning to normal. [In-progress]


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