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I have three series for Man From Uncle. Links go to AO3, but all are found separately on FF.net as well.

The  Katya Series.
A series of standalone stories that begin with my Lake of Tears Affair, and feature Illya's adoptive daughter Katya. Katya is the daughter of Illya's late brother, whom he encountered during the Lake Of Tears affair. She is being fostered by Napoleon's family. She does not appear as a main character in every story, but she is in the background.

The Raw Recruit Series
Basically an AU, although a believable one, which features the pair at the start of their partnership. There is no Katiya in this series, and details of their backgrounds are changed.

What If? Challenge series
A series of standalone stories that answer the What If? Challenges.

Also for those that are interested, I have:
Origins series;  the beginnings of Sapphire and Steel

The New Arrival; A series of short stories from M*A*S*H


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