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Some may say it is unnecessary, or that we have too many MFU communities, etc... I don't care.  I think this is a viable idea and can be helpful in light of the response I had to the suggestion that we post our links to collections and series.
So, I've opened a community on DW, The Man from UNCLE's Writers Collection, specifically for that purpose.  It isn't for posting stories, it is strictly a portal for links to where you have your stories on the web.
The first post has an outline of how it works, and althought it does require membership for which you inquire, that's only a formality that has been useful for spotting trollers and bots.
Take a look, join up and then if you like simply copy and repost your entry where you listed the links to your story collections. Tags are: name; genre; characters.
Please use entire names, like Illya Kuryakin rather than IK, Kuryakin or Illya.  Whole names all around.
What do you think?  It's a beginning, but I think it will serve a purpose in the long run.
Thanks all, you continue to inspire me.


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