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He’d never liked the water – now was an excellent example of why he didn’t.

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Written for a PicFic in 2013, it's a clever mystery.
Needless to say we miss Avro's tales!

(click on the image to take you to the story)

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Back in 2013 glennagirl posted regarding the "Mary Sue" phenomenon in writing. After a great discussion on the topic, a few of usdecided to do an impromptu Mary Sue round robin using a prompt by [livejournal.com profile] reapermum

Well, actually she (Mary Sue) is here, the inspirational starting point, and you can follow her exploits by staying on section7mfu and just use these links: Reaping Mary Sue part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V, Epilogue

The participants : [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl reapermum, mrua7, avirra and avrovulcan

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The note just said:

'The Mall, 19:00'

It was typed on standard UNCLE memo paper. Illya flipped it over, but there was nothing else written on it.

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"C'mon Illya, we're going to be late."

"I do not know why I agreed to this," Kuryakin mumbled sulkily.

"You thought it was a good idea last week."

"That was before you volunteered me for this job."

"You're the one who always likes the opportunity to wear a disguise. What's wrong with this one?"


Mark and April emerged from a noisy room, looking disheveled.

"Good luck mates, you'll need it."

"I'd rather face THRUSH than go back in there," April added.

"Illya, it's a kids party, with a face like that you'll scare them,  clowns are supposed to laugh."


Napoleon, in top hat and Magicians cape, presented the bunch of silk flowers he'd just made appear from a flaming candle, to a little girl in the front row.

Illya, dressed in a bright clowns outfit hovered at the back of the room, glad the children's attention had been diverted from him.

Armed goons and life threatening situations he could cope with, 35 screaming kids were something else - completely.

After the party Napoleon discovered something sticky had appeared down his trousers, prompting a grin from the Russian.

Napoleon glared at his partner.

"What? It was you told me clowns laugh."

After helping a friend with her 6 year olds party today, I couldn't resist writing this double drabble! Now to bed!!!
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Well, here's my part....

The Fortune Cookie Affair - Part 4
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I thought it about time I finished this story, so when I had some spare time, that is what I did! Hope you enjoy it.

Link to Part One: A Forgotten Past
Link to Part Two: A Forgotten Past
Link to Part Three: A Forgotten Past
Link to Part Four: A Forgotten Past

The next morning Illya and Becca examined some old estate plans that had been found amongst the papers stored in Gramp's study. One large yellowed sheet covered most of the huge kitchen table. Various bottled condiments held down the edges and corners.

"I wonder where the memorial could be, I've never seen anything in our gardens that could be considered one," Rebecca sighed.

Gramps pointed to a faded line, "that seems to mark a boundary, but it's not our current one, that's right back here." He commented as he indicated the approximate end of the existing garden.
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We miss you and your stories a lot my friend!  Hope you have a marvelous birthday!

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Prompt Word: Index
Prompt Colour : White

Words: Approx 1000

Link to Part One: A Forgotten Past
Link to Part Two: A Forgotten Past
Link to Part Three: A Forgotten Past

Becca, Illya, Emily, Gramps and Grams descended the sweeping staircase and made their way to the study.

An ancient oak desk took pride of place in the room, two of the white painted walls were lined with bookshelves, the third had a huge picture window looking out onto the estate and the fourth had various Old Masters paintings hanging on it.

Becca perched on the edge of the desk, looking out the window.

"Where do we start?" She sighed.

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Prompt Word: Solemn
Prompt Colour : Red

Words: Approx 1000

Link to Part One: A Forgotten Past
Link to Part Two: A Forgotten Past

Becca laid her hand on the door handle and after a steadying breath, pushed the handle down, nothing happened. Thinking it may be stiff from years of unuse she pushed harder, but still came up against resistance.

"It must be locked," Grams said disappointedly.

"I could break down the door, but it would be a shame to damage it unnecessarily if we can help it," Illya added.

"I think I may be able to help," Gramps said, "there are some old keys in the study; I've never known what they were for, but kept them anyway, maybe one of those will unlock it."

Becca's Grandfather hurried away and returned moments later with three large old keys. He tried the first one but it didn't fit.

The second slid into the keyhole, it moved slightly and after a bit of brute force, rotated completely, the lock giving a loud satisfying click. Gramps pushed the handle down; finally, they would see what had been hidden for so long.

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Prompt Word: Genius.
Prompt Colour : Silver

Words: Approx 770

Link to Part One: A Forgotten Past

Illya and Rebecca led the way up the ornate staircase and onto the north wing landing, ready and eager to solve the riddle of the mystery room.

"The room should be at the end of this passage on the right," Illya said.

"The Blue Room is the last one, well, it has been for as long as I can remember anyway," Gramps commented.

They passed the first three rooms and came to the final door. The party of five all looked at each other as Grams's hand rested on the door handle.

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Prompt Word: Estate.
Prompt Colour : Pale Orange

Words: Approx 670

It was a Sunday and a beautiful summers day, the shade thrown by the enormous old oak was just perfect, Illya and Becca sat with their backs against the trunk, enjoying a rare moment together.

They looked out across the meadow, containing swathes of pale orange, yellow and white flowers, at Brockenhurst Park, Rebecca's family home in the New Forest, England.

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They were so close, but so far, the safety of the UNCLE outpost was only another 3 miles away - they had travelled 150 already, the last third by helicopter, which was now lying crumpled and useless on the snowy hillside.

Out of the two occupants, the blond was in a slightly better state than the aircraft, suffering a broken leg, fractured rib and concussion, the other had escaped with only a few minor cuts and bruises.
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As some of you know, I'm still trying to catch up on the vast array of MFU fanfiction which is on offer. I came across this little gem, by [livejournal.com profile] avrovulcan yesterday. No doubt, you'll have all read it, but I hope you enjoy it again.

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Glenna was featuring stories by the writers who participated in the GEN Round Robin on MFUWSSS so today it's Avrovulcan's turn.  She's a blossoming writer who was doing pretty well here on Section VII but then life decided to interfere with her art (as happens to all of us now and then) We miss her and hope she can start posting again soon!

"The Stealth Affair" is an AU story...and here's the summary: A THRUSH agent has been caught trying to take some secret documents. Rebecca, April and Mark have been sent to California to find out what he was after. Napoleon and Illya have been sent to Germany to try and find out what he needs the documents for. They all need to work together to stop THRUSH's latest plan.

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The Men from U.N.C.L.E. are on the lookout for a Happy Birthday
to send to [livejournal.com profile] avrovulcan

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There was a slight swell to the sea, just perfect for sailing; the sky was blue with just the occasional fluffy cloud lazily floating by, the sun blazed down on the Pursang as she cut through the water.

“Alright there my love?” Napoleon called to the figure lying on the deck at the bow of the ship.

“Yes. This is just glorious. It’s so good to be on a boat again.” Lizzie Johnson answered as she turned over to look at the handsome American.
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