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The calendar I posted on Monday was for 2016, and nobody even noticed.  We are all in a bit of a funk I think.  Anyway, here's the revised, accurate September Calendar... 2017.
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Please make any comments or corrections in the comments section.
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We've had a little break from our regular challenge schedule, but now we're ready to get back to working through the prompts and keeping our minds and fingers busy with lots of MFU action.  School has already started here where I live, so if the kiddos can get back to it then I guess we can too.
Here's the week of August 7-13 (M-Su), and an interesting site dedicated to writing from prompts ... The Write Prompts

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Pay attention to the announcement in the center.  The 50th Challenge is coming soon!
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June 26 - Monday

The Short Affair Challenge posts
The Short Affair Challenge prompt
ABC Affair - T

June 27 - Tuesday

Open Posting
ABC Affair - U

June 28 - Wednesday

A Little Drabble Do Ya
ABC Affair - V

June 29 - Thursday

Open Posting
ABC Affair - W

June 30 - Friday

ABC Affair - X

July 1 - Saturday

ABC Affair - Y

July 2 - Sunday

ABC Affair - Z


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