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Prompts: Leash, grey
Word Count: 815

This one went slightly Hettish on me, so I've posted it in the DW Map Room, and this altered image made its way into my vision... something for [livejournal.com profile] jantojones who's love of Illya with bruises is so near to my own twisted Kuryakin love affair.
Quite literally some cut and paste going on here along with the bruising.Ik w:sheet.jpg
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We had a poll the other day regarding the movement between LJ and Dreamwidth.  I don't know if all of you were able to vote, but the results can be seen HERE

I think the gist of it became a sense of uncertainty concerning things here on LJ, a divided response to whether or not people would move to DW if things went wonky here.  If you'd like to chime in on it please do so in the comments.  I think we're probably not done with this discussion as several of our members are now exclusively on DW.
I can't promise that we won't eventually move the majority of our activity over to DW, it all depends on what transpires here.  So far we're just a little fish in a big sea, but it only takes one violation of our implied trust in this system to cause concern and possibly action on our part.
More importantly, a lot of people feel violated, regardless of actual incidents of imtrusion.  There are several accounts in our membership that are no longer active on LJ, so that tells me that people are ahead of the expected debacle.
We can only hope that it never arrives, but I continue to import the content here to the DW site so that our links and posts will be ours without compromise.
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Dreamwidth not only has the 'other' Section VII, there is also another Map Room for reading romance into your MFU life.  If you want to join, you can take this link to the DW Map Room
I haven't imported to there lately, but it doesn't get as many entries as Section VII.
You can also find, and join, Reception Desk... this is an information center where you can ask advice on how to get around on DW, find other communities or just have a conversation.  It was established during one of our LJ blackouts a few years ago, but it can still function for us if we need to touch base on a topic that isn't a writing issue.
The other mirrored community on DW is the MFU Gallery.  That's where artwork related to the show or movie can be posted and reviewed.  There has been a pretty impresive amount of art created around those two MFU products, both for studio promotion and individual artistic expression.  If you haven't visited the [livejournal.com profile] mfu_gallery I hope you'll take a tour.

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Okay, we have links to various different venues that include DW, AO3 and ff.net. My question to you is this: Do you have a preference for where you post and/or read?  This is assuming that many or most are no longer posting content here on LJ.
I'm just wondering how this is all going.  I tend to post on DW and copy the link here.  Of course I haven't written or posted anything significant lately, so I'm depending on those of you who have to set this on course.
I ask because DW is a valid archive for us, especially since older entries should all be there now even as they are here on LJ, going back to 2012.  Are you more satisfied utilizing the secondary outlets?
I suppose it doesn't really matter, but it seems like something we might talk about.
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I posted this on DW, but wanted to get some feedback from the LJ readers.
Okay, so this is Section VII on Dreamwidth, and I'm still importing entries from LJ, although I've missed a few days and need to get back to it.
[livejournal.com profile] seagull2eagle has kindly offered to transfer our banner over to this comm, so that's very cool. It will look more like home I think.
If you're reading here on DW, please let us know.  I don't have a picture yet of how this is going, utilizing both  platforms, and it would be interesting and helpful to know where the majority of folks are tending to MFU business.  If you would just post a comment regarding your preferences.
Obviously this is being generated on DW, but I will post it on LJ as well, in order to get some feedback.
Thanks, carry on...
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I took a screenshot of the page just now... it's been 3 days since I requested the import now in transit.
see it )
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Like many of you, I'm dusting off the old Dreamwidth account and reacqainting myself with it as it's  similar to, but different from Live Journal.

At present the system over there is a bid backlogged as so many are 'importing' their accounts from LJ to DW, plus there's a lot of new user accounts too. So they're asking everyone to be patient.  Understandable, as I'm sure they're aware of the reason why there's a mass exodus from LJ.

Anyway on Dreamwidth, I'm under my other user name  of mlaw.

So if you are friends with me here, could you please add me to your 'circle' over on Dreamwidth, if you're already there or, plan to join. A number of you have already added me; thank you for doing so.

I'm not leaving Live Journal unless it becomes impossible to remain here, but I don't want to lose any friends in the process of segueing to Dreamwidth.
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I've left the poll open for all who are interested.
You can access it HERE
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You can see the conversation and vote in the poll HERE
The topic is the new Users Agreements on LJ
and the land of Dreamwidth.
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Posted originally on Dreamwidth.org

I started importing the comms yesterday, and while Section VII has finished except for what came after the request, the Map Room is still in the queue awaiting completion.  This is a slow process at times, especially when we have so many entries to catch up to.
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Currently all of Section VII has been imported to DW.  I am now importing The Map Room, and it will take a few hours to complete.  Here are the links again to the DW counterparts, as well as Reception Desk, where we can talk and complain about everything.

Reception Desk - this is where you can ask direction and collect information
Section VII
Map Room
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mrua7 sent me an except from an email she received with emphasis on certain conditions of the new LJ agreement.  I'm writing this initially on Dreamwidth and copying it to LJ. Although there isn't an actual statement of intent to plagiarize or edit the work, if we're still looking at LJ then we have signed the agreement and our work is, for all practical purposes, no longer strictly our own.  Perhaps this was always true, but seeing it in print is a little problematic for me.  I'm open to counter opinions and enlightenment.
Please feel as free as you can to comment, either on LJ or at DW.  If you don't have a Dreamwidth account you can go www.dreamwidth.org
"Basically they're saying the site has the right to take anything we post on LJ and use it as well as alter it as they see fit.   That holds true for private messaging too....
addendum about the new agreement. Credit to lj user kirathaune, who inserted the bold type.


“9. Content

9.1. By posting Content, User shall:

9.11. Guarantee to the Administration that Content and terms of its appearance on the Service meets all the requirements of the applicable laws, that User has received all rights and permits necessary to post such a Content;

9.12. In respect of any Content which constitutes intellectual property, User provides to the Administration a non-exclusive (simple) license to use his/her Content in order to provide the Service by reproducing his/her Content as well as by making it public for the entire period the Content is posted on the Service. If User participates in any rankings or if User’s Content is used in any editorial projects of the Service, User provides to the Administration an additional authorisation to modify, shorten and amend his/her Content, to add images, a preamble, comments or any clarifications to his/her Content while using it, and in certain cases based on the Service functions, an authorisation to use User’s Content anonymously.”

Also, in the definition of Terms, section 3:

Content means User`s information within the Service, including any information published during the process of Registration, in Blogs and Communities as a note or comment as well as sent by User in private messages using the Service.”
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Is there anyone around who can take our banner and transfer it to Dreamwidth?
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Perhaps some of you have heard the rumblings about the changes being made at Live Journal, including the move of headquarters to Russia.  There are a few whispers going 'round that the site may be in for some turbulent times, including hacking or invasions of privacy.  For several years we have maintained an account on Dreamwidth, a similar journaling site that has served as a back up of sorts whenever LJ has had issues, which at one point we thought might be very serious.
I have been updating communities on Dreamwidth, transferring all of our posts and comments to that version of our lives here on LJ.  You can access Section 7 by going HERE
I will continue to transfer from other comms we have here on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room ; [livejournal.com profile] mfu_gallery
Dreamwidth isn't an exact duplicate of LJ, the environment is different but the concept is intact and the methods of posting and viewing basically the same.  If you don't already have an account there, I am going to suggest that you consider opening one.  It's a back up, but in times past it has been a necessary one, and may be again if things go wonky.  According to their recent newsletter they have experienced a surge of new accounts, many of them Russian in origin.  You can read the newsletter HERE
I post there as girlintheglen and ironically my last post there was about a hitch on LJ.  LIke I said, we've used it as a back up plan in the past.
You can post questions here in the comments or PM me here at LJ.  We'll probably be addressing this periodically.
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The names are the same, but I thought some direct links might be helpful for those of you who intend to venture over to Dreamwidth.  All of this is part of a ritual we seem to engage in at least once a year when LJ looks to be in trouble and we start making preparations to establish a second colony, so to speak, on that other shore.
First of all, the website is Dreamwidth.com
Section VII
MFU Map Room
Last time we established a spot called Reception Desk.  It's where you can ask questions about how to set up your account or whatever else might come to mind.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time, we'll see if it's necessary and if it gets any traffic.
Reception Desk


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