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The Community is open and posting has begun over on DW.  Collections from writers in all genres can be deposited there as a resource archive for MFU story tellers.  If you posted here then just copy and past into an entry on DW (after you join), and use your name and genre as tags.   I'll be checking on tags to make sure they're being added, as I just did for
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You can find the original entry on this topic HERE
I hope you'll take advantage of this additional tool for storing links to your series/collections.
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Some may say it is unnecessary, or that we have too many MFU communities, etc... I don't care.  I think this is a viable idea and can be helpful in light of the response I had to the suggestion that we post our links to collections and series.
So, I've opened a community on DW, The Man from UNCLE's Writers Collection, specifically for that purpose.  It isn't for posting stories, it is strictly a portal for links to where you have your stories on the web.
The first post has an outline of how it works, and althought it does require membership for which you inquire, that's only a formality that has been useful for spotting trollers and bots.
Take a look, join up and then if you like simply copy and repost your entry where you listed the links to your story collections. Tags are: name; genre; characters.
Please use entire names, like Illya Kuryakin rather than IK, Kuryakin or Illya.  Whole names all around.
What do you think?  It's a beginning, but I think it will serve a purpose in the long run.
Thanks all, you continue to inspire me.
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I am daily confronted with more disturbing information concerning the new LJ.  I don't know how long it will take, but I do foresee the primary headquarters for Section VII eventually moving to Dreamwidth.  The site is safer for posting, it has no one monitoring content and looking for violations of Russian law.  
 If you don't already have a Dreamwidth account, you should get one.  
I'm not shutting down lj, but it seems wise to anticipate that it could happen eventually.  Just be aware that it is now illegal to post anything to do with homosexuality (for those who read and/or write slash, or include it in any way in a story), political opinions or criticisms, and most likely certain kinds of religious references.
That is more than I can find acceptable, and especially as I sit here in the US, free from such limitations.  I certainly don't think being subject to the laws of another country is something I can tolerate, especially when those laws are morally repugnant.
If you're reading this you probably already have your DW account, but now I find myself not willing to post something on LJ that is remotely critical of Russia.  Mlaw posted an article in an earlier post on my journal that lists the possible actions that might be taken if a journal or post is targeted for its content.  
We're not a big deal in the larger picture of world events, but I don't think you have to be nowadays.  All it takes is a filter that finds key words and phrases.  Anyone can be in the line of fire, so to speak.
We've worked too hard to give up, and I'm grateful for Dreamwidth providing a safe haven.  

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 Okay, so this is Section VII on Dreamwidth, and I'm still importing entries from LJ, although I've missed a few days and need to get back to it.  seagull2eagle has kindly offered to transfer our banner over to this comm, so that's very cool. It will look more like home I think.
If you're reading here on DW, please let us know.  I don't have a picture yet of how this is going, utilizing both  platforms, and it would interesting and helpful to know where the majority of folks are tending to MFU business.  If you would just post a comment regarding your preferences.
Obviously this is being generated on DW, but I will post it on LJ as well, in order to get some feedback.
Thanks, carry on...
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I've closed the poll, but I think we have a pretty good consensus of how people are responding to the big bruhaha regarding the user agreement.
For most of us it looks as though we'll take DW and utilize it more than previously, perhaps even to the exclusion of actually posting original work on LJ.  Several writers are already posting links to other sites rather than have entire stories here on LJ.
It's a shame, but it isn't the end of the world by any means.  Dreamwidth is open and available, and I will continue to import the entries every day or so.  They're pretty backed up right now with a rush on their site from all of this.
You can see and review the poll results HERE
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We're polling to find out how people feel about the LJ/DW transactions.
You can find it and vote HERE
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This is an entry originally posted on DW. This link takes to you to Reception
The Reception Desk was created a few years ago when we had some major disruptions on LJ.  Seems as though that is a theme we've seen played out too often.  What we do is benign, unless you are in the camp that considers imagination and creativity and a love of good looking guys in suits something to be feared or maligned.  We just like to read and write about the Man from UNCLE.
So, maybe it isn't a big huge some kind of deal.  But what if it is?  Don't we proceed with caution and hopefully a measure of wisdom?
That's why we're on Dreamwidth, to take advantage of what appears to be a safe harbor in what is, unfortunately, some murky waters that are patrolled by people we may not want to meet.
No, just cautious.
Some of us have worked pretty hard to create these communities, and protecting the integrity of the content is a responsibility I think should be taken seriously.
And so, here we are in the waiting room, hoping for the best but prepared for what might come down the pike.
Questions? Answers? Feel free to lodge all of it here in Reception.


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