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Well, we were in this other post... HERE
Two of my favorites from the Tigers Are Coming Affair.  IK spends the entire second half in this deliciously sheer white shirt, it makes the episode worthwhile in spite of the strange vibes we get between him and the soon to be ex-Mrs. McCallum

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People seem to either love it or hate it.  Well, maybe not love, but some of us accept the premise of it and have gone on to write and expand on it.
Personally, I think Illya as a designer works, in part because he played the part or faked the part a few times in the series.  The idea that he didn't know how to dress has always been a puzzle to me because his suits are as nice as Napoleon's, and the all black merely reflects the time and culture (turtlenecks especially). Otherwise, he can be seen in some very nice clothing throughout the series.
So, now I get to the heart of the matter: Illya's wardrobe.
I stand by my observation that he is a well dressed individual who charms us whether he's in a well tailored suit, a burgunday mohair jack (quite the thing in the 60's), or the iconic black turtleneck.  Heck, even a white shirt with that leather holster is enough to make some of us sigh.  Of course this doesn't include the frequent appearances in his boxers, but that's another post entirely.  We'll have to review Napoleon's wardrobe another time.  Next week it's MFU in a tuxedo.
Here is my Sunday Pictorial...
Obvious, right? White shirt, holster... exposed neck... THUD!
Illya's closet... )
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I find this very curious: Illya gets into a lot of odd situations, not the least of which is being stripped down to his boxers occasionally. What's odd is that when he should be wearing shorts, like as a pool boy or a tennis instructor, he has on long trousers.  The directors/writers... whoever... didn't think it was too much leg when he was reduced to his skivvies in the Foreign Legion Affair or The Alexander the Greater Affair, but for the pool boy/tennis guy role they put him in long pants.
I just find it odd, not earth shattering by any means, but odd.  We must investigate, look closely at the evidence ... haha.  I don't think we'll mind too much taking a closer look.
Feel free to chime in.

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Click on photo for AO3
Illya goes to a party and has to be rescued, by the one person in danger from him.

moon079 (3).jpg
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Short Affair Challenge August 28 (Bottle. Orange)

Go away, I’m fine

mastr129 (3).jpg

It was good to be home - small, frugal, badly furnished, but sufficient for all his needs. And he was alone. He could give in to the discomfort.

He sank down on the couch, shivering a little. The effects of the drugs Vallandros’ men had injected him with were insidious. He felt washed out and stupefied still. His partner had been reluctant to leave him – he always knew when something was wrong. He’d mother him like a baby if he were ever allowed to.

At least he knew his own name, and was starting to remember more. Memories of that incarceration were troubling. He’d rather forget. Think of something else. His partner protecting him from the blast, lifting his helpless body up towards escape, his hand pulling him up the steps. Think of something else.

He should show more gratitude. His partner never demanded thanks. Read more... )
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This isn't new, and not exactly related to the Great Episode Challenge, but it is episode related- The Alexander The Greater Affair.  I have no doubt that Tracy had a thing for Illya, and I'm not completely convinced that he didn't feel the same about her.  They certainly had some moments, not the least of which is the last looks they exchanged.  And who can blame Tracy for regretting her decision to exchange the Russian for a rich man?  Anyway, this little story is how I see it going down after all is said and done...

Read more... )
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We all have that one scene in our heads that make us smile, or shudder.  Illya and the sheet he's threatening to take off, or Napoleon having his heart broken (again), by Clara.  Something that tugs at us and makes us love these guys more every year.
So, do you have a favorite scene or a favorite line?  We'll leave Fridays open for a while as we wax romantic, poetic or whatever describes your affinity for a particular image from the series.
If you need a reminder, check out Lisa's Framecap Library where you can review and reimagine life with an UNCLE agent.
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If you're just signing on you might have missed these photos from the Come With Me To The Casbah Affair.  And you might have missed the poll that inspired me to post them.  So, take a look and do some fangirl squees, then vote in the poll if you haven't already.  The results are fun, and no one should miss out.
Okay, find things HERE and prepare to go THUD!
Here's a sneak peak...
Picture 6.png
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 We're talking about the last episode of the series, and a new challenge to re-write history. You can find it and vote HERE 
7 wonders of the world
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So, 50 years ago the Man from U.N.C.L.E.  was heading into it's fourth and final season.  We all have varying opinions about how that all happened, and whether or not we can find episodes in the last season that felt like the MFU we loved in the first three years.
My hope is to run a challenge resembling the Mini Bang we had for the 50th Anniversary of the first season, only this one would be your opportunity to write the last episode; to replace the vacuum of cancellation with a proper end for our team at UNCLE Headquarters.  All genres, any setting... What do you think happened to UNCLE?[Poll #2069726]


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