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If you're just signing on you might have missed these photos from the Come With Me To The Casbah Affair.  And you might have missed the poll that inspired me to post them.  So, take a look and do some fangirl squees, then vote in the poll if you haven't already.  The results are fun, and no one should miss out.
Okay, find things HERE and prepare to go THUD!
Here's a sneak peak...
Picture 6.png
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 We're talking about the last episode of the series, and a new challenge to re-write history. You can find it and vote HERE 
7 wonders of the world
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So, 50 years ago the Man from U.N.C.L.E.  was heading into it's fourth and final season.  We all have varying opinions about how that all happened, and whether or not we can find episodes in the last season that felt like the MFU we loved in the first three years.
My hope is to run a challenge resembling the Mini Bang we had for the 50th Anniversary of the first season, only this one would be your opportunity to write the last episode; to replace the vacuum of cancellation with a proper end for our team at UNCLE Headquarters.  All genres, any setting... What do you think happened to UNCLE?[Poll #2069726]


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