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Today of all days we have to wonder about how the U.N.C.L.E.  would have responded in the wake of 9/11.  Would present day agents have been involved in seeking out the radicals who lit the match to a bonfire of terrorism on American shores?
I suppose if the series were set in modern day circumstances then it wouldn't be a Russian at Solo's side, rather someone of Middle Eastern heritage.
Go back a few years and we might have an Irish agent coming out of the 'troubles' in Nothern Ireland to help keep peace in the world.  History affords many opportunities to pull a hero from out of the rubble of hatred and violence, and MFU gives us the platform for creating solutions to the chaos.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  television series was a ploy to help set our vision in alignment with a search for peaceful co-existence.  But the scales don't tend to even out, the pleas for peace seldom outweigh the efforts to quash all hope of it.
We can't give up though.
There are things that I personally believe are driving humanity, but I will continue to hope and pray that lives are spared and cultures survive in spite of the efforts to extinguish enemies of radical elements in our world.  Here in America, the day will honor those lost to the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  Like most acts of terrorism, the victims are not soldiers nor are they responsible for initiating any violence against the pepetrators of this act of war.
Some will say that these soldiers of radical Islam are sincere believers; I say that are sincerely deceived. That is not an excuse, their humanity has been compromised by believing a lie and yielding to something within them that crave the bloodshed of innocents.
Many evils have been done in the name of gods whose motives remain shrouded in mystery.  Man creates the lies surrounding a dogma or doctrine that supports the atrocities they perform.  Each of us will have an idea of where those ideas originate, I know I have mine.  Whatever the origin, the world must continue to stand against the evil of this radicalized element whose only quest is for the destruction of all who are outside of their very limited sphere of beliefs.
This band of criminals has targeted the entire world for extinction, so pray for peace; it is more powerful than the sword.
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A day late, but it's PicFic nonetheless :D

THRUSH was at it again, trying to manipulate the weather with one of their outrageous scientific inventions.  Weather machines were the stuff of science fiction, and yet here was one in the hands of the most dangerous criminal organization in the world.

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Prompts: Clean, Silver

Word count: 718


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This little story is a PicFic from October of 2013.  It is a memory story embued with the aroma of present day pleasures.
A Soupcon of Comfort (Soup's On)

**Soupcon definition: a slight trace, as of a particular taste or flavor.**
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She's one of the ladies of MFU, no doubt about it.  Ironically, Aunt Amy shows up only once and it's in the Return Movie, the most contentiously debated element within UNCLE canon... Or is it canon? People love to write about Amy while refusing to embrace the only 'episode' in which she is mentioned.
Oh well...
My take on Amy is very different, and I make no apologies for seeing it from a completely different vantage point.  The stories are who I think she is and how she fit into the lives of our agents.  I posted these once before in a Writer's Choice, but they seem appropriate for this Ladies First event we're enjoying this weekend.
I hope you enjoy these, for the first time or as a return visit.  Although each of them was posted here on LJ, I'm providing the link to the series on AO3.
Once In Love With Amy
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This isn't new, and not exactly related to the Great Episode Challenge, but it is episode related- The Alexander The Greater Affair.  I have no doubt that Tracy had a thing for Illya, and I'm not completely convinced that he didn't feel the same about her.  They certainly had some moments, not the least of which is the last looks they exchanged.  And who can blame Tracy for regretting her decision to exchange the Russian for a rich man?  Anyway, this little story is how I see it going down after all is said and done...

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Prompts: formal, green
Word count: 298


"Is that what you're wearing?"  Napoleon was taken aback at the decidedly informal attire his new partner had chosen to wear.  The occasion was black tie and Illya had on his trademark black trousers and a green turtleneck.

"This is a formal occasion comrade, and you're wearing Soviet green.  I don't think that's going to do, not at all."  

The blond looked sheepish as he caught his image in the mirror that Napoleon kept on the inside of a door in his office.  It was open now as Napoleon groomed for the evening's event.  They were covering a soiree at the Plaza in honor of some visiting dignitaries.  UNCLE had been requested as additional security in light of some threats against one of those being honored.

"And what would you have me wear?  I did not come to this country with a wardrobe worthy of such grandiose events.  I assumed I would remain in the background."  Napoleon shook his head.

"You'd be so far in the background you'd miss the entire evening.  No, you need a tux.  Follow me."  And so the two men went shopping in the UNCLE wardrobe department.  When finally the Russian emerged, he was decked out in a perfectly fitted tuxedo replete with a ruffled shirt.  It suited him, and when a few of the women on the floor caught sight of him a collective sigh went up at the sight of such a romantic image.

Napoleon nodded his approval and thanked Gretchen, the wardrobe mistress.  UNCLE was not unlike a theater troupe, complete with props and costumes for every imaginable production.

Illya was pleased, although he was reticent about expressing how good it felt to be dressed in the ultimate in men's formal clothing.  Lucky for him it was his favorite color: black.

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This was a PicFic entry from several years ago.  In reading it and looking at the comments it turned out I had never responded to any of them.   I've taken care of that, albeit very late.
The story is Flakes and Flukes

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"Is he still in there?" Napoleon was concerned about his partner; he'd been in .Medical for over an hour.

"He is, um… resting.  I think." Nurse Patton seemed embarrassed.

"Resting? Hmmm… What aren't you telling me?" Something was going on, and a closed door wasn't going to stop him from finding out.

"You shouldn't go in there Mr. Solo."  She sounded firm in her resolve.

"Illya, er…  Is there something wrong with him?"  Now he was concerned. He opened the door, then stopped at the sight of a sleeping Russian, naked beneath a sheet while a masseuse did her magic.

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I know we're on a bit of a hiatus, officially, with Writer's Choice.  But I'm missing seeing the pages full of shared stories, so perhaps something unofficial.
I was thinking about some of our past seasonal challenges, and I admit to favoring our HODOWE Challenges.  That is Holidays of Dubious Origins Writing Event.  The topic for this one is Left Handers Days, and you'll find more of them by following the tags.
I think I've actually highlighted this particular holiday previously, but it seems worthwhile to do it again.
Please check out the stories in HODOWE, and post something you'd like to share.  It's an Unofficial Story Sharing Day.  Just because we can.
I hope you enjoy...
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 Here is a sampling of what was going on this date in the previous five years.  Take a look and then explore the Archive for more great stories.

Sunday Morning by [livejournal.com profile] alynwa 2012
Having Doubts Can Be A Dangerous Thing by [livejournal.com profile] mrua7 2013
See, Hear, Accept by [livejournal.com profile] jantojones 2014
Life Does Not Immitate Art by [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl 2015
The Way They Were by [livejournal.com profile] carabele 2016
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The Secret of Their Success by [livejournal.com profile] alynwa post on July 21, 2012.
She Forgot The Title (literally, no title) by [livejournal.com profile] mrua7 on July 21, 2013
The World Is A Treacherous Place (editorial) by [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl on July 21, 2014
The Office Cat by [livejournal.com profile] otherhawk on July 20, 2015 ... This date is chock full of stuff, check it out. The 21st has three entries, but it's mrua7 and me again, so... day before is good.
Chasing Rainbows by [livejournal.com profile] lilidelafield on July 21, 2016

You have a wealth of stories if you'll just click on the Archive button at the top of the main page here on Section VII. It offers everything that's ever posted here, and that's a lot of reading material.
It's just happenstance who I found by going back to today's date, but if you'd like to rec one of your stories from around the same time, then please share so we can get another look at what came before.
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We're talking about a 50th End of the Series Challenge, which reminds me of the other 50th Anniversay: The Beginning.  So, here's my story that was part of the mini-bang event for the 50th Anniversary celebration on LJ.  We posted on AO3, complete with illustrations. [livejournal.com profile] avrovulcan did a bang up job (hah, get that? bang up), on the illustrations for my story, Art of Mercy.  On this Thursday, along with entries for the Great Episode Challenge, I hope you enjoy reading your MFU.
Art of Mercy on AO3
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The haboob, a powerful sandstorm, was making it hard to see.  What had started out as a simple courier run had turned into a desperate journey for one very pale, very cold blooded Russian.

"It is insane for people to live in places like this.  When the storm is finally past there will be a layer of sand over the very spot we were to find the document."  Illya was frustrated and hot.  The addition of a sand storm just made it worse.

"I know exactly where to look."


Napoleon held it up for proof that the job was finished.

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Z, at long last Z.
You can find the story AO3

The entire ABC Affair series by me is HERE
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W is here, finally.  I do  plan on actually completing the ABC Affair,
so if you'll just give me a little more time to get the last three posted,
you can visit with
W Is For Wow on AO3


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