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Napoleon raised an eyebrow at the returning Illya.  He had been on a carrier mission and returned disheveled   Hair flying, clothes muddy and torn.

“Are you okay?”

“Easy job! You will get out of the lab for a while, you said!” Illya spat out.

“It was on a children’s playground.  I thought even you would be safe there.”

“Just a playground,” the Russian gritted his teeth.  “You forgot to mention it would be their lunch hour.”


“After receiving the drop, a girl scream that I was some English singer.  A pack of girls mobbed me.  Backing up to get away, I tripped on a hole, fell in the mud, and tore my pants.”

Napoleon was struggling not to burst out laughing, but a murdering glare from Illya had him swallowing it.
Smiling Napoleon said, “It was only mud.  You have the packet, correct?”

Illya threw the mud-covered package on the desk, spattering Napoleon with flying muck. 

“Hey, now I’m filthy.”  Napoleon pouted.

“Well, it is only mud.  I need a shower and clothing change.” Rolling his eyes, Illya smirked turning toward the door.

“This is war. You realize that Kuryakin don’t you?”  Napoleon threatened to a closing door.

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I hope the comm and the writer, [livejournal.com profile] jkkitty , will forgive this nonAmerican poster being a week late for a Memorial Day rec. Memorial Day is short, but long enough to deliver a touching story.
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I hope the comm and the writer, [personal profile] jkkitty , will forgive this nonAmerican poster being a week late for a Memorial Day rec. Memorial Day is short, but long enough to deliver a touching story.
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“You don’t have to come with me.  I can manage by myself,” Napoleon insisted as they headed toward the basement.

“You are in no shape to do this alone.  Why are you insisting on no help?”  Illya was tired of this argument.

“The doctor said you shouldn’t try walking without someone accompanying you.”

Just then they arrived at Physical Therapy.   The therapist spotted them and broke into a smile.

“I’ll take over Mr. Kuryakin.  Oh you poor dear, Mr. Solo.  Let me help you into a wheelchair. Don’t want you tiring out too fast do we?”

“I should have known,” Illya whispered.

Napoleon flashed Illya a mischievous grin.  “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Napoleon said looking at her with puppy dog eyes and giving her a seductive smile. “Thanks, Denise.  It was a long walk.   I just hate being a bother to my friends and your department. Besides, the doctor did say I should try walking more.”

“Let me get you a glass of juice before your exercises.   Afterward, we’ll have a good lunch to help strengthen your leg muscles.”

“That would be enjoyable,” Napoleon said
shooing Illya away.

Rolling his eyes, Illya left Napoleon in Denise eager hands.
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“What are you doing at the reception desk?” A surprised Napoleon asked.

“With the cold going around, there is no one who could work here. As I'm on desk duty…”  Illya shrugged.

Napoleon leaned down to have his badge placed.

“You can't be serious,” Illya glared.

“But the girls always put it on for me,” Napoleon whined.

“I am neither the girls or your personal butler.”

The American grabbed the offered badge fumbling as he tried to place it.

“Give me that,” and placed it.

Walking away, Napoleon smirked.

“I saw that.  Remember, revenge is sweet.”  Illya’s call following him.

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I hope others enjoy [livejournal.com profile] jkkitty 's well thought International Easter, UNCLE Style as I did. It's low rated for sex and violence, but there definitely should be a warning for dieters here.
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I'd like to rec a story that was just posted today. Written by jkkitty, it's for the LIFECYCLE CHALLENGE: Companionship.

Titled : "If Walls Could Talk"

It's a very clever and well written story from a different POV. For jkkitty to be posting this only days after losing her husband of 40 years is a major show of strength on her part and her love of the MFU.

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Ever wonder what the corridors of UNCLE would say if they could.  Well sit back and rest a spell.

Hello there.   Glad you could join us.   I was just explaining to these agents here that people say if walls could talk what tales we would tell.   Well if anyone were to ask, I’d be more than happy to share some of my favorite stories with them. 
Listen while I entertain you )
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On behalf of all here at Section VII, we want to extend out deepest condolences
to you and your entire family upon the passing of your husband.
God bless!

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Napoleon heard his partner grumbling the words ‘February’ and ‘weather’ frequently in their hotel room as Illya began to undress.

Finally, he had to ask.  “What is it that has you so upset?”

“It is February?”  Illya let his unhappiness show.


“We’re in the upper Mid-west.”

“Milwaukee is considered as such.”

“And February is the middle of winter?”

Napoleon smiled knowing what the problem was.   “Milwaukee is having a heatwave.  What’s a matter too hot for you?”  He teased.

“In Russia, winter is winter, not 65 degrees.”   With that Illya slammed the bathroom door turning on a cold shower.
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“Napoleon, you’re his partner.”  April plead.

“No, April.”

“He needs you, old chap.” Mark tried.

“No, not happening.”

“But he needs help.” April reminded him.

“I’m not driving him.”

“He’s your partner Napoleon.   He can’t drive there by himself with the cast on his leg,” April tried again.

“The cast will be off in a few weeks then he can go himself.”

“But Waverly said he needed to get it done before he can even do desk work.  You’re his partner.”

“Fine, but last time I took Illya to the barber, I had to watch my strong, stubborn partner cry.”   

First Story

Sep. 8th, 2016 01:01 pm
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My first story Changing of the Past Beliefs  where I introduced my AU character of Josephina Kuryakin.   I first posted it on FanFiction  in March of 2013 then A03.  After I had it cleaned up by Lisa (Kuryakin Files) it was Nominee for the Fan Q Award 2013.   Here is the A03 link.
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What is Friendship?
While Illya's in medical, Napoleon tries to decide if being his friend is worth it.

Thanks to Sparky for the excellent Beta work, she always makes it so easy to work with.

Friendship )
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Prompts:  Blemish, Pond
Prompt: Color Gold
Title:  Going for a Swim
Author:  Jkkitty
Word Count: Approximately 638

The gold rays of the sun reflexed on the pond that Napoleon was currently Read more... )

Thank you

Apr. 3rd, 2016 05:28 pm
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I would like to thanks everyone for the kind words, prayers, and thoughts   I came home yesterday (had to stay for a extra half a day because of vomiting)  I am manageing to walk to the bathroom and back with the help of a walker and one of the boys helping me get up.   Vinny says the knee looks discusing  
I will try to answer some of posting when my vision isn't so blurred from the meds  Thanks again
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Title                   Helping Anna Out
Author               jkkitty
Prompt Word  Taste and Loose
Prompt Colour Gray

Word count      432

Illya was enjoying this self-assigned mission.  He and Anna were in and out of shops all day looking for the perfect fit for her wedding.   Surprised when she asked him to help, he just couldn’t say no.

He took the assignment seriously, as she asked his option each time they reached a new store.  Not one to just say whether he like something immediately, he made sure to check out everything, at least, a few times.

Many of the other brides-to-be giggled as they watched him rate each item presented to him. And more than a few sighed wondering how Anna had managed to land him.   Went hearing this, he did nothing to dissuade them from their beliefs as he didn’t feel like fight off any of the other sex today.

The day was long, but by the late afternoon they were done, and Illya headed back to headquarters for an evening meeting.


Napoleon found his partner, head down on his desk.  

“Where were you?”   As Illya raised his head, the American saw how gray his face was.    Concerned he asked, “What happen to you?   You look like death warmed over.”

“I do not feel well,” Illya said loosening his belt. “My head and stomach are killing me.”

“I can see it.   Do you need to go to medical?”

“No. I think that I will just die in peace just laying here if you do not mind.” 

“Can I get you some soup or something from the cafeteria?”


“Okay, now you have me worried Illya.   You don’t refuse food.   What is going on?”

Illya slowly sat up straight looking as if he would need to run to the bathroom quickly if he moved any faster.  I was doing a favor for Anna.   She asked if I would be willing to help her make some selections.  As I had nothing else to do, I agreed.”

“And how does this have to do with how bad you look?”

“I was just helping Anna out.  We spend all day checking out cakes and frostings for her wedding.”

Napoleon let loose a loud laugh that built into hilarious laughter.  When he finally could get himself under control, he asked.   “Would you like some Alka-Seltzer?”

“What I would like is to die.   Go away and leave me alone.”

Picking up a file, Napoleon headed for the door.  “I’ll tell Mr. Waverly you’re dealing with a problem and unable to make the meeting.”

As he reached the door, Napoleon heard a small voice coming from the desk.

“Last time I agree for someone getting married to taste cake. Oh my stomach and head.”
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Title      Lightening the Load
Author:  jkkitty
Prompt words:
Arch, Vanish
Prompt Colour: Pink

Napoleon leaned against the Gateway Arch of St. Louis waiting for his partner to join him.  Looking over the Mississippi River, he felt a calm that wasn’t something he felt often.   He watched the slow moving river imagining he was in another place and time.

This part of the trail had been destroyed, and Waverly had given them two days of relaxation before they would receive their orders for the next part of the trail they were following.

Illya showed up as he popped the last of a hot dog in his mouth. 

“Are you ready to get aboard the next tram? It will be here in a minute.”  Napoleon asked shaded his eyes as he looked up at the sixty-three story structure.

“Why are we doing this again?  I could be back at the hotel reading an enjoyable book.”  Illya looked up.  “Besides what’s so special about it?”

“It’s called relaxing while sightseeing.  Besides this is an important part of American history.  The Arch was built as a monument to the country’s westward expansion, and the view is unbelievable from the top.” 

“Well, then we have to do it.  It not often that you want to view something besides a woman’s behind.”   Illya teased as he headed toward the Arch’s line.

“Hey, wait a minute.  I look at things other than women and their attributes.”  Napoleon complained as he caught up with his partner.

Illya smirked. “If you say so, the line is moving let’s go.” 

The trip in the tram capsules up the Arch brought the men to the top of it and the crowds already present. Both sides of the Arch had sixteen small windows many of them were filled with visitors.  Taking an empty window on the east side, they looked down on the Mississippi River, which was highlighted with a pink reflection of the sunset.

“It is beautiful,” Illya said in a voice filled with wonder.  “How far can we see?”

“We’re lucky that it is a clear night.  According to the brochure, we should be able to see thirty miles in either direction.  Right now, we’re looking at Illinois from the west side we will be able to see St. Louis, Missouri.”

They stood there while the sun continued to set and the view of the river vanished.  As they entered the last capsule of the night to take them to the ground, each allowed the peace of their surroundings to lighten their thoughts and souls for at least a while.
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Title:     Just Once
Author:  jkkitty
Prompt words: educate, tackle
Prompt Colour:   orange
Word Count:  542

“I’m looking forward to dinner tonight Napoleon.”   Illya finished their pile of paperwork and was hungry.

“I forgot. How about a rain check?”   Napoleon glanced at his watch while shoving everything on his desk into the drawer. 

“Another date?   You are burning the candle at both ends you know trying to complete all the agents’ evaluations, your yearly recertifying and dating every night.   My friend, you are worn out.”

“What can I say?  I do have an image to uphold.”

“But every night for the last three weeks, even you need a break.  If you do not slow down, you will fall asleep during the computer training next week.”

“You worry too much my friend.  See you tomorrow.” 

“Slow down.  You invited me to dinner tonight, and I plan on showing up so call the girl, give her another day and I will see you in a few hours.”

“You’re right, I did invite you first.  See you at seven then?” Napoleon offered with a yarn.

“At seven,” Illya said as his partner left the office and thought.  ‘I hope if I am there that he will actually get some decent sleep tonight.’


Entering Napoleon’s apartment figuring he was busy cooking in the kitchen and

couldn’t hear him knocking, he found his partner sleeping on the couch with a book open on

his chest.   Scattered on the end table were other books, notebooks, and an orange and greeen highlighter.

Lifting the book off Napoleon’s chest, Illya looked at the title- Basic Programming Language.  On the table were Basic computer skills and Computer Training Basics.  As he was looking over the books, a groan from the couch caught his attention.

Opening his eyes, Napoleon saw Illya examining the books. “Don’t lose my page,” He said as he sat up rubbing his eyes.  “Sorry supper I fell asleep before beginning dinner.  We can have take-away.”

“Why?”  Illya asked indicating the books.

“I’m trying to educate myself on the new technology.”

“Again why?”

“I have to admit I’m jealous that you know all about technology, and I don’t. You’re seemed to be a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.” Napoleon shrugged.  “I wanted to, at least, know what you’re talking about for once.”

Illya hadn’t realized his ability to throw out information when Waverly asked bothered Napoleon.  In his country, you always needed to be at the top of your game to be worth anything.

“I am sorry if I have offended you.  It was not my intention.” 

“Don’t be.  I didn’t mean to make you feel as if it was your fault.”

“You have a list of skills I do not.  Your ability to feel comfort in any situation as yourself, your strategy skills, and your friendliness that gets us into many places were would not otherwise.”

“I guess we do need both our skills to be as success as we are.  However, I actually do want to know more about computers.  Who knows, maybe Playboy will set up a site.”  Napoleon teased.

Shaking his head, Illya said.  “Only you Napoleon would think that way.  Now come on let us order some take away to eat then you get some sleep.   Tomorrow we will tackle it together. Remember it is as a team that we are the best.”

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Title:  Small Discussion
Author: jkkitty
Prompt words:  peek, malice
Prompt color:  yellow

Waverly was looking down on at a piece of paper on the desk when Kuryakin and Solo entered the room. Each took their regular seat and waited for him to speak.   As Waverly looked up, he studied the men before him.   They were his best, and what he needed to do now upset him but for the benefit of UNCLE, it needed to be done.

“Mr. Solo you are restricted to headquarters for the unknown further.  Mr. Kuryakin you will be
temporary oversee any external activity of Section Two.”

“Sir!” the two agents before him call out together.In explanation, Waverly sent the stack of pale yellow papers around until it landed in front of Napoleon.>

It was an Order to Appear in court on the charge of Malice.  The demand stated that he was being accused of without considerable provocation deliberate intention unlawfully taking away the life of a human being of Manny Sparer on June 22, 1966.

As Napoleon read the charge, Illya peeked over his shoulder.  “But sir, Napoleon had no choice it was Manny or a group of innocents.  Cannot UNCLE’s lawyers do something about this accusation?  It was in the performance of his duties that the death occurred.”

“Because of our secret involvement in the affair, that information can’t be brought out.  Our lawyers are trying to find a way around the charge, but for now I’m afraid I have no choice, Mr. Solo.  You may work inside UNCLE headquarters, but the field is out of the question.   We’ll deal with this as quickly as possible.”

“If I may sir, can I know who brought the charge?”   Napoleon asked.

“Detective Thompson.  It seems your run-in with him left him angry enough to bring the charge.”>

“Sir the run-in that Napoleon had with Thompson was because he insisted that we wait out Sparer.  He refused to listen to reason.   I tried to explain that we had been called in as we had dealt with Sparer before.  And we were aware that he had killed hostages in his last three operations even though the police had given into his demands.  The detective then began to insult my nationality, demand I go back to Russia, and accuse Napoleon of betraying his country by working with me.”   Illya explained.

Napoleon added, “When I saw that Illya talking to Thompson and he was getting nowhere, I discovered away into the building and took Sparer out right before he was going to kill the first hostage.  As I led the rest of the people out, the detective accused us of using Commie’s techniques to show him up.  He then said he would see that I paid for the interference.”

“Mmm.   Dismissed gentlemen.  I’ll pass this information on to our lawyers and see what can be done.”

It was two weeks later a very irritated Napoleon and overworked Illya was called into Waverly office. 

“Mr. Solo you are restored to your original position as are you Mr. Kuryakin.   The charges have been dropped.”

“Sir?”  Napoleon asked.

“I had a small discussion with the Chief of Police.   I just reminded him that our assistance has always been given when possible.  Moreover, if my men help wouldn’t be accepted by the police on the crime scene or the nationality of one of my agents was unacceptable when giving help that we would have to withdraw our intermittent support when issues arise.  He agreed that the charge should be dropped and stated he would have a discussion with Detective Thompson about interagency cooperation.”
As the men left the office, Napoleon whispered.   “I would’ve liked to have been a fly on that wall.  I have a feeling that the detective will be directing traffic when the chief gets through with him.  No one wins when Waverly has one of his discussions.”

Illya chuckled, “Come on.  I have a small affair we need to look into.”

Napoleon smiled.  He was back.


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