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Since everyone is obviously just lazing about with nothing better to do...ahem...
What is your true fantasy concerning our gorgeous guys from the grey halls of UNCLE HQ?
Let's see how you'd spend your time, if you could get some.  With them, that is.
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Spring is on its way and so are the traditional signposts of nature's call to ... um, well... mate.  The animal kingdom and ours as well associate spring with romance and forever kinds of love; June weddings and summer romances come to mind.
So, a little something to warm our hearts and maybe even our cockels, whatever those are ;)
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[livejournal.com profile] lindafishes8 wanted a story where she and IK are stranded in a snowstorm with nothing to do but ... well, you get the idea.

I looked out the window into a frozen landscape, shivered at the feel of the cold glass beneath my fingers.  My little vacation hadn’t gone as planned; the weather had produced an unexpected storm and now I was ... stuck.  Here, in this cabin, all alone instead of with George.

George, my trusty and reliable boyfriend of two years who was now at the bottom of the mountain and unable to get past the frozen deadlock that was the road here.  I would just have to weather this little glich ... Oh, pun definitely intended.  I have no one else to amuse me.

Maybe this wasn’t all bad, I mean it did give me time to think about things.  Things like George.  The two years with him had been ... hmmm... okay.  As boyfriends went, George was stalwart and kind, courteous ... not exactly the thrilling romance I had envisioned for myself.  He was handsome, I had to admit it, and in my rather shallow way it was had first attracted me to him.  Thinking back on that first encounter, I could see now that it had never been enough, but he was a good catch and I was a career girl in New York City and in need of someone to help guide me through the turbulent sixties.

I saw something in the haze of white that was the view from my icy window.  It looked like ... Suddenly my heart was gripped with something like alarm.  There was a man out there, stumbling towards my cabin.  I couldn’t make out very much about him, he seemed to be the same color as the snow covered ground, and he was struggling to keep moving.  I hesitated and then, with an abandon that would later shock and amaze me, I opened the door and headed into the wintry scene.  As my foot touched the wooden planks of the small porch he looked up, a pleading expression in vivid blue eyes that seemed to call to me in a visceral fashion that literally made my heart leap.

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Last week I invited everyone to submit a 'fantasy' in order to receive a story based on that. [livejournal.com profile] laurose8 suggested a story where Illya is well dressed for an event and Napoleon is tattered, bum like.  Here it is...

A dazzling array of the city’s finest folk were shamelessly on display at the opening of a small but important art gallery.  In spite of the new Mod garb favored by some, this crowd tended to more traditional, decidedly glamorous fashion.  Swinging London still had a ways to go in order to overtake New York when it came to good old fashioned (pardon the pun), couture.

Among the well dressed and seasonably blond was a young man of slight build and haughty demeanor.  He fit this crowd better than he would have liked, met their criteria for beauty and disdain with painstaking accuracy.  Illya Kuryakin would gladly have traded places with his partner, and in most cases it would have been Solo in the elegant tuxedo rather than the disapproving Russian.

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We have two currently, each of them in need of fulfillment.  Writers (new and old), this is your opportunity to step beyond the everyday and play Make a Wish for one of your cousins.  The story doesn't need to post until next week, so you have plenty of time.  This is an experiment, but I'm hopeful that we'll have enough participation to make it a regular feature here on Section VII.  Het stories can be posted at [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room
Find the requests by clicking the tag below: mfu fantasy day
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Her request:

You asked for it-Iliya and me. Snowed in for weeks in a deserted mountain cabin. Nothing to do but eat, sleep and...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So, a request for a fantasy story from [livejournal.com profile] lindafishes8 is ready for the taking.
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I'm copying her entry that she posted on mfu_map_room

I'll start with a loser. Please delete if it's outside the rules. Not at all what you're looking for, and more a bit of background, anyway. But an affair where Illya is called on to be impeccably dressed in the classsiest of clothes. And Napoleon, on purpose or not, goes scruffy, with extra points for beatnikery.

I'm sure this must have happened in canon (I can't remember just now) but I wouldn't mind seing it in fanon, too.

Our first 'Fantasy' and it's a nifty one.  If you'd like to claim this one just say so, then post the story next Wednesday with a nod to laurose8

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Okay, so I've spilt the beans, so to speak, on my latest hair-brained idea for enjoying MFU.  Here's how it might be shaping up, and suggestions are welcome as we formulate this potential feature here on Section VII.

  1. Post a request for a fantasy story/vignette

  2. You can post it as yourself or as Anonymous

  3. Gen situations please.  If it is mildly Het we can post it over in [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room

  4. Stories can be posted the following Wednesday in response to fantasy requests

  5. Anyone can write a response to a fantasy, so don't just leave to the 'regulars'.  If the idea sparks, go with it.

  6. Claim the fantasy as yourself or Anonymous, your choice.

  7. Have Fun!

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl at I'm Dreaming of ...
Had any good fantasies lately?  Now that Christmas is past and we're back in the land of grown up realities (compared to a red-suited gift giving elf who delivers fireside), what might you have wished for and not received?

I'm wondering about designating Wednesday as MFU Fantasy Day.  Drop a story idea related to something you wish you could experience or have, and see who picks it up and writes about it.  Don't let your inexperience stop you from being the storyteller, and don't be shy about sharing your deepest yearnings where Solo and Kuryakin are concerned.  I mean, we're all friends here, right?

We could have a lot of fun with some little vignettes or longer stories, that simply answer to our fantasies of the two Men from UNCLE.  Mary Sue, move over, it's our turn.

Anyone have a fantasy?


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