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We're talking about a 50th End of the Series Challenge, which reminds me of the other 50th Anniversay: The Beginning.  So, here's my story that was part of the mini-bang event for the 50th Anniversary celebration on LJ.  We posted on AO3, complete with illustrations. [livejournal.com profile] avrovulcan did a bang up job (hah, get that? bang up), on the illustrations for my story, Art of Mercy.  On this Thursday, along with entries for the Great Episode Challenge, I hope you enjoy reading your MFU.
Art of Mercy on AO3
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So, here it is the end of our first full week of July.  School will start up again in a month, which makes me a little sad for the children who don't know what three full months of Summer is like.  That was a true sense of liberation that came upon me, and I imagine others my age; the last day of school and the anticipation of all of those lazy mornings for sleeping in, and the prospect of new experiences and adventures with friends and sometimes distant relatives.

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Since it's only posted on AO3 I'm going to point to my 50th Anniversary Mini Bang story, Art of Mercy.  The accompanying illustrations for the story were done by [livejournal.com profile] avrovulcan
Art of Mercy
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Writer's Choice is about promoting your previously published stories or stories penned by your favorite authors, but today is a special day as it's my turn to post for the MFU50 Mini-Bang!

So here's the link to the Mini-bang site and my new story.  It's a long one, nearly 17,000 words, and beautifully illustrated by my friend, (that worked out well) and coconspirator here on Section VII, [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl

There's lots of other stories already posted there for the Mini-Bang 50th MFU Anniversary, so check them out as well.

Here's a piece of artwork that wasn't used for the story, but it's too nice for you not to see it. Thank you again Glenna for your fantastic work!

                                                  banner 2
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LINK to chapter 1: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/739856.html
LINK to chapter 2: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/746578.html

Illya was surprised to not encounter any guards as he moved quietly along the hallways of
Le Panthère’s posh estate.  There were works of art everywhere, and he was pretty sure they were Persian silk carpets he was now treading upon.

He peeked out a window, looking down upon the main courtyard, spying what looked like all of the guards and Le Panthère himself standing on a lower balcony.  Beside the T.H.R.U.S.H. leader was a man with a crossbow but, who he was aiming the weapon at, Illya couldn’t see.

It was fortuitous, as whatever was going on out there was giving the Russian the time he needed to complete his mission, then getting out of this place was the next priority.

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LINK to Chapter 1: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/739856.html

Illya was barely able to keep awake and was startled to full awareness when the largest of the three alligators, at least a twelve footer, heaved itself up on the the ledge where the Russian was perched.

The agent backed up, slamming himself into small corner between the back and side walls. There was nowhere else to go. Holding his breath and closing his eyes, Illya waited for the inevitable.

It didn’t happen. He opened one eye,daing to peek.

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The time is here, and The 50th Anniversary MFU 50 anniversary Drabble Challenge is on.

For the anniversary on MFU 100, we will be hosting a Drabble Celebration. We are now in our fourth week so please join us.

The prompt for the Fifth week is:   Anniversary

Posting frmMonday, September 22th till the Sunday the 28th:

To post and list prompts (and questions) go to:

[identity profile] eilidhsd.livejournal.com

Follow the link for some fun:


AUTHORS: [livejournal.com profile] elmey / [livejournal.com profile] eilidhsd
STORY NAME: ...the Mother of Invention
GENRE: errm, pomes? of a sort.
WARNINGS: see "genre"
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Challenge : Mood-Y for the MFU 50th Anniversary.
The prompt: 'Inventive'
Title: "A brave new world "
Author: mrua7
Genre: Gen
Word count: Approx. 2750
Warnings: none

“The world we want to transform has already been worked on by history and is largely hollow. We must nevertheless be inventive enough to change it and build a new world.” ~Subcomandante Marcos: Le Monde Diplomatique


Alexander Waverly stood by one of the windows in his office, his figure silhouetted against the light as he surveyed the traffic below, but still letting his gaze shift to the skyline and the United Nations building. His thoughts drifted there...

A grand idea, a lofty one indeed it was, as was U.N.C.L.E. but now he was suddenly having doubts.  He’d lost too many agents as of late and was beginning to feel as though they were losing not only the battle but the war as well.

The evil in the world beyond T.H.R.U.S.H. was becoming more complicated than he could have possibly imagined.

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                                  50th mfu PIcFic-2

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Special Edition PicFic for the MFU 50th Anniversary Celebration. The stories were fantastic! I know it wasn't easy, given so many challenges are going on right now. (If for some reason you missed yesterdays deadline to post your story...feel free to post it this week!  We still want to read it!)

Here's the links to those stories in case you missed them...some are 'TBC" so the celebration in essence, continues.

"The Journey's the thing" by Glennagirl: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/740333.html

"The Assumption Parish Affair" by mrua7 :http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/739856.html

"The Missing Russian Affair" by JantoJones: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/739715.html

"Terminus" by Avirra: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/739443.html
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STORY NAME: The Journey's The Thing
Author: glennagirl



The worst of it was over now. Friendly Forces had arrived to finish the job started by the team of UNCLE agents and were rounding up the remaining guerilla fighters who had invaded this formerly peaceful region.

Backed by THRUSH and fueled by the same delusions of world domination that plagued most would be dictators, a single voice had rallied a legion of men who were willing to follow Oscar Baptiste de la Pena into the halls of justice in their small country.  Claiming rights they did not have, nor deserve, the army of psuedo-revolutionaries caused just enough trouble to land on Alexander Waverly’s radar; he quickly dispatched his team of warriors, led by Napoleon Solo.  Men from the largest Western Hemisphere offices were quickly aligned into a force de la Pena had not reckoned on.

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50th mfu PIcFic-2

STORY NAME: PicFic MFU:50~ The Assumption Parish Affair
Author: mrua7

RATING: Late-Teen and Above


As was his routine, Napoleon Solo paused to straighten his tie and hair outside the inner sanctum that was Alexander Waverly’s conference room.

The pneumatic doors opened unexpectedly, catching him unawares and he was cast a surreptitious glare as the Old Man greeted him.

“Mr. Solo, if you are done with your preening, would you be so kind as to join us; I have a briefing to conduct.”

Napoleon’s face flushed with a fleeting moment of embarrassment at being called out and he entered the room in silence; seating himself across from his boss at his usual spot at the circular table.

Sitting beside him in Illya’s chair was Rennie Du Bois, a Section II agent from the south and he gave a nod to the man.

“Hmm, good of you to join us, now if we may commence?” Waverly flicked some switches on the console in front of him.

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LINK to Chapter 2: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/746578.html

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STORY NAME: PicFic MFU:50~ The Missing Russians Affair
GENRE: Gen-Mature
WORD COUNT: 3050 approx.
RATING: Late-Teen and Above
WARNINGS: I’ve tagged this as Gen-Mature solely down to mentions of nudity. However, there is nothing graphic.

50th mfu PIcFic-2

“Mr Kuryakin, if you do not calm yourself, I shall have someone from medical come up here and sedate you.”

Illya glared defiantly at Mr Waverly’s threat, but relented and retook his seat. Napoleon patted his partner’s shoulder in a gesture of support and control. He fully understood Illya’s anxiety, but the Russian needed to keep his composure if he was going to get what he was asking from Waverly.

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STORY NAME: PicFic MFU:50~ Terminus
WARNINGS: Violence (non-graphic), Deaths (non-canon)


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Story Name: Mother of Invention

RATING: Everyone

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Posting for the Mood-Y -- MFU:50 Special Anniversary Challenge is now open and will remain open through next Saturday, September 20th.

As previously noted, this special anniversary Mood-Y challenge is open to all genres. Because [livejournal.com profile] section7mfu is a gen site that does not run with an adult content warning, stories for the Mood-Y: Special Anniversary Edition can be posted to any site on LJ per the author's choice. All entries should then be linked to [livejournal.com profile] section7mfu and tagged with both the available mood-y and MFU:50 tags on the site.

Please title your post like:
Mood-Y MFU:50 -- Story name

And please use the following setup inside your linked posts:
STORY NAME: (This should include the actual link)
GENRE: (Gen, Slash, Het)
WORD COUNT: (approximation)
RATING: (Everyone, Teen, Adult)
WARNINGS: (Notations such as Strong Language, Non-consensual Sex, Graphic Violence, etc. Also please note here if the story is an AU-Alternate Universe)

Gen stories can be posted directly on [livejournal.com profile] section7mfu. Suggestions for posting slash stories are to post to [livejournal.com profile] muncle or [livejournal.com profile] network_command; suggestions for posting het stories are to post to [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room or [livejournal.com profile] network_command; suggestions for posting AU of either genre are to post to [livejournal.com profile] mfu_au or [livejournal.com profile] network_command. However, as I already noted above, authors can post their stories anywhere on LJ, including their own blogs (do remember to make the entry public if you do that though). Wherever you post, please remember to link the story back to [livejournal.com profile] section7mfu.

How INVENTIVE will curious readers find your fanfiction creations?
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Genre: GEN
Length: approx 2500 words
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: Mild Language

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