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Thanks to everyone who voted their choices in the poll.  I'm leaving it open for a while longer for anyone who might have missed it and still wants to jump in.  I'm also wondering if any of those questions might be fodder for a story?  What do you think about a little Impromptu Challenge?
After you get your Short_Affair stories up and running, think about a short short story based on the Poll questions. After all, a few of those scenarios are classic MFU material.
Go ahead, express yourself.
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Here's a little whisical poll featuring our main characters.  Enjoy, and thanks for joining in.

[Poll #2071881]
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If you're just signing on you might have missed these photos from the Come With Me To The Casbah Affair.  And you might have missed the poll that inspired me to post them.  So, take a look and do some fangirl squees, then vote in the poll if you haven't already.  The results are fun, and no one should miss out.
Okay, find things HERE and prepare to go THUD!
Here's a sneak peak...
Picture 6.png
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Make that Mr. Gorgeous I suppose.  Illya Kuryakin is the current date choice in our poll that began yesterday.  You can still vote for your dream date HERE and chime in on the why of it.
In the meantime, here's a hint as to who is in the lead...

Picture 1.png
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Since everyone is obviously just lazing about with nothing better to do...ahem...
What is your true fantasy concerning our gorgeous guys from the grey halls of UNCLE HQ?
Let's see how you'd spend your time, if you could get some.  With them, that is.
[Poll #2070253]
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We're discussing a big challenge to commemorate the last season of MFU, and the ending our writers would give it to replace the void of cancellation.
You can view, vote and discuss HERE
And, feel free to ask questions or make comments on this thread.
To re-cap the proposed challenge:
The 50 Years After Affair or, How Would You Write The Final Episode Challenge... cheeky ;)
All Genres
5000 word minimum (we aren't legalistic, so if you're missing a few words don't sweat it)
Post on AO3
The date is up in the air, but after New Years seems to be edging out the October date.  Chime in, please.  And remember, our guys are stuck in the 7 Wonders of the World affair if you don't set them free with a new ending.

Also, don't forget the Summer of MFU Challenge is posting on AO3 under The Summer Affair This is a fun exercise in getting the men from UNCLE into swim trunks, surfing or whatever speaks summer to you.  You can post at the site through the end of August.
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So, 50 years ago the Man from U.N.C.L.E.  was heading into it's fourth and final season.  We all have varying opinions about how that all happened, and whether or not we can find episodes in the last season that felt like the MFU we loved in the first three years.
My hope is to run a challenge resembling the Mini Bang we had for the 50th Anniversary of the first season, only this one would be your opportunity to write the last episode; to replace the vacuum of cancellation with a proper end for our team at UNCLE Headquarters.  All genres, any setting... What do you think happened to UNCLE?[Poll #2069726]
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We had a poll the other day regarding the movement between LJ and Dreamwidth.  I don't know if all of you were able to vote, but the results can be seen HERE

I think the gist of it became a sense of uncertainty concerning things here on LJ, a divided response to whether or not people would move to DW if things went wonky here.  If you'd like to chime in on it please do so in the comments.  I think we're probably not done with this discussion as several of our members are now exclusively on DW.
I can't promise that we won't eventually move the majority of our activity over to DW, it all depends on what transpires here.  So far we're just a little fish in a big sea, but it only takes one violation of our implied trust in this system to cause concern and possibly action on our part.
More importantly, a lot of people feel violated, regardless of actual incidents of imtrusion.  There are several accounts in our membership that are no longer active on LJ, so that tells me that people are ahead of the expected debacle.
We can only hope that it never arrives, but I continue to import the content here to the DW site so that our links and posts will be ours without compromise.
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I posted on Uncle du Jour today.  You can find it HERE
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I've closed the poll, but I think we have a pretty good consensus of how people are responding to the big bruhaha regarding the user agreement.
For most of us it looks as though we'll take DW and utilize it more than previously, perhaps even to the exclusion of actually posting original work on LJ.  Several writers are already posting links to other sites rather than have entire stories here on LJ.
It's a shame, but it isn't the end of the world by any means.  Dreamwidth is open and available, and I will continue to import the entries every day or so.  They're pretty backed up right now with a rush on their site from all of this.
You can see and review the poll results HERE
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We're polling to find out how people feel about the LJ/DW transactions.
You can find it and vote HERE
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I've left the poll open for all who are interested.
You can access it HERE
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We had an overwhelming favorite: The Great Episode Challenge.  Second choice is What's My Line?, which is on hiatus as it makes room for the What If? Challenge.
What this means is that we'll be seeing a return of both of these, a new version of the Great Episode Challenge under the care of [livejournal.com profile] ssclassof56 who takes over from its original hostess, [livejournal.com profile] alynwa
Watch for TGEC to come around for April... hint hint to [livejournal.com profile] ssclassof56 ... time to start reviewing your choices ;)
What's My Line? will be back later; we're still deciding whether to add it in as an additional challenge.
Needless to say our challenge schedule is full, which means there should be something for everyone.  The Ladies First challenge will probably make an appearance as a special feature periodically, so don't fret if it was your first choice.
That's all for now regarding the poll and the new challenge schedule.  You can see the poll results HERE and feel free to chime in on the results.
You are all just an awesome bunch, I'm so pleased we're all able to enjoy ourselves here and dance the light fantastic UNCLE style.
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In our Challenge Choices Poll the emerging top spot is The Great Episode Challenge, followed by What's My Line?, Ladies First and in last place, All About April.
It's all fairly close in total votes, although TGEC is clearly the top choice for most people.  Perhaps we could hear from those who prefer it as to how they see it being developed.
Okay, the poll is still open for those who haven't voted yet. We'll keep it open the rest of today.  You can find it HERE
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 Let's take a poll on which of the four challenges below are of interest to writers and readers here on Section VII.  Each of them has had a good run previously and is now on hiatus from regular postings.  We will consider all new challenge prompts and repeats of previous prompts.  You can click on the individual titles to read some previous works, although April didn't get a specific tag (for some reason), so she shows up in other stories and challenges outside of her self-titled challenge.
Okay, let's see how this will go...
[Poll #2065235][Poll #2065235]
Read more... )
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In case you missed it, there's a poll over in [livejournal.com profile] uncle_du_jour and it's still open.
You can access it and cast your vote HERE
It may be the only vote you have this month that will make you happy.

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We had a fun poll yesterday over on [livejournal.com profile] uncle_du_jour and it's still open for anyone who missed out and wants to get in a word on the topic.  You can find it HERE
Don't forget the increasingly weird and wonderful Boo from  UNCLE, the latest chapter is now up with plenty more to come.
And today's featured challenge, Short Affair, is now being posted.
Read them all and have an MFU kind of day.
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I'm leaving this poll open indefinitely so more people can chime in on their choice for a start date.  The topic is the Happy Endings Challenge that will post in [livejournal.com profile] mfu_map_room for Het and [livejournal.com profile] uncle_du_jour for slash.  The concept is to write an AU sort of story based around a romantic happily ever after scenario for our UNCLE agents.
If you think you might be interested please go HERE and post your preference for when you'd be able to have a story ready.
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If you missed it, there's a poll to survey for a start date for the Happy Endings Challenge. You  can vote HERE Please chime in if you're considering writing for this challenge.  


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