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Instead of posting just one story for Reading Room, I thought a list of what's been added this week would keep us busy.  If you're like me there hasn't been quite enough time to sit down and read everything here on Section VII.
We had new stories for each of the following challenges:
Song Story
What If?

I've posted these by tags, so just scroll through the entries to find the ones you might have missed.  If you posted a story for any of these and they aren't in this selection then you probably forgot to include the tag for that particular challenge.  You can always go back and add the tag if it's missing.  And, don't forget that the Great Episode Challenge begins posting today.
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I was tempted to put this in the map room, but Roselight's most enjoyable The Ups and Downs Affair remains G throughout. warning: reading will result in a sudden urge to visit Toledo.
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Part of Alynwa's delightful 'Sugar and Spies' series-  the link takes you to AO3

"The Parenting Affair"
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Has everyone read Under The Ice ? One of [livejournal.com profile] garonne's all too rare gifts to the fandom, it has solid setting, vivid characters and, on top of that an excellent, plot.
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Written for the "Lifecycle: Fear Challenge" here on Section VII

Click on the image to take you to the story

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Click on the image to take you to the MFU Archives

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SUMMARY: A tense situation has the agents quoting poetry... from the prompt Russian Roulette by Rhianna


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SUMMARY: Illya is on his own for a mission in Casablanca.

Otiginally written for a Song Story Challenge with the prompt being " The Year of the Cat" (written by Al Stewart and Peter Wood)

Click on Avirra's icon to take you to AO3

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I hope others enjoy [livejournal.com profile] jkkitty 's well thought International Easter, UNCLE Style as I did. It's low rated for sex and violence, but there definitely should be a warning for dieters here.
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Back in April of 2013, [livejournal.com profile] rosywonder submitted this story for PicFic.  There's no way to read her work and not come out of it smiling, so I'm confident you will enjoy this one whether you've read it previously, or here for the first time.
Robin Kuryakin And His Merry Men and Woman
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I've recc'd [livejournal.com profile] avery11 before, of course. But I think not this particular and masterful drabble.
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My recommended story is one of the first MFU fanfics I ever read, and originally I forget where I read it; however I have just rediscovered it on ManFromUncleWikiFoundry.com, where it seems Solo's Girl has posted a number of her stories,. This is a very sweet fic which really touches me each time I read it. The Photo Affair, by Solo's Girl.

A long time ago, a photographer snapped a chance picture of a cold, thin and hungry little boy. The photo won a pulitzer and the photographer became famous. The child . . .
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(another April Fools' rec)


Illya has been summoned to present himself to Waverly's office, leaving Napoleon alone.

(click on the image to take you to Svet's story)

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It takes a good writer to get away with this plot. Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] carabele is a good writer, and If Warnings Were Rabbits... is delightful. With very solid characters, even the unsolid one.
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I'd like to rec a story that was just posted today. Written by jkkitty, it's for the LIFECYCLE CHALLENGE: Companionship.

Titled : "If Walls Could Talk"

It's a very clever and well written story from a different POV. For jkkitty to be posting this only days after losing her husband of 40 years is a major show of strength on her part and her love of the MFU.

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[livejournal.com profile] crashtestskater has given us this solid little fic, pleasant to all and hopefully comforting to those who have their own wet spring problems.
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Still much missed, svetlanacat has left us too few treasures, among them Easter Memories.
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Five years ago we were a fledgling community whose aim was to cultivate new gen fiction for the MFU fandom.  We had our first series of challenges in the HODOWE, Holidays of Dubious Origins Writing Event.  The archives of this challenge have some very fine stories, and one of the early ones by [livejournal.com profile] carabel certainly stands among them.  You should read the story referenced in the introduction first, as suggested.  It is another fine fiction from this writer, one of our original moderators here on Section VII.  You can read more of the stories from the Vernal Equinox HODOWE Challenge by clicking HERE.
Ignus Fatuus by carabele


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