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I'd like to offer thanks and appreciation to all the writers
(and readers) who participated in:

"T'was the UNCLE Round Robin."
click on the title to take you to the story

The quality of writing, and story telling was outstanding.
Everyone did a wonderful job to help create
a really good Man from UNCLE adventure.

The mood, the imagery, historical references,
Scottish mythology as well as the intrigue and angst
all made this a tale to be remembered.

As in the past the entire round robin story will be
cross-posted on AO3 and Fanfiction.net

Each writer will be given credit for their chapters
in the chapter headings.

The writers were:
ssclassof56, alynwa, avirra,katb357,jantojones,
pfrye,sidhe_uaine42, lindafishes8, insane_ladybug, mrua7
and Glennagirl who started it all with a wonderful prompt!

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Just in case you missed any of this fabulous story,
or were waiting for it to
conclude before reading...

Here is how it began with a poetic prompt by glennagirl:

T'was the night before Christmas
And all through the halls,
(Those gunmetal chrome ones
From whence Justice calls.

It should have been quiet
As Christmases past
Had yielded a truce
Among enemies fast

Not so tonight
For the call came in,
'There's trouble in Scotland'
Seems THRUSH sees a win

Now Solo and Illya
Are heading that way
Who else might be with them
We'll see day by day

The weather is frightful
On Loch Awe's bleak shore
And Castle Kilchurn stands
Ravaged and poor

No longer with Campbells
To travel its girth
The halls here are empty
Save the chirping of Birds

The wintry scene
It cries out for reprieve
From the evil within it
From gluttons and thieves

THRUSH must be thwarted
Their plans brought to nought
With UNCLE's best agents
The victory's bought

So let us continue
The story's untold
It's all up to you now
To make it unfold

Castle Kilchurn was built in the mid-15th century by Sir Colin Campbell. The four-storey tower, located on a rocky peninsula at the northeastern end of Loch Awe, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, remained the Clan Campbell's base for 150 years until it was abandoned in the 1700s

Chapter 1. by ssclassof56
Chapter 2. by alynwa
Chapter 3. by avirra
Chapter 4 by katb357

Chapter 5 by jantojones
Chapter 6 by pfrye
Chapter 7 by sidhe_uaine42

Chapter 8 by lindafishes8
Chapter 9   by lucky_ladybug.
Chapter 10 by mrua7- posting in two parts because it's long! Part 1, Part 2
Chapter 11 by [livejournal.com profile] glennagirl
[identity profile] glennagirl.livejournal.com

As we began with a narrative, I have decided to conclude in the same way.  Not entirely in rhyme this time ;)

After the fireworks and smoke, nothing was left for the UNCLE agents but to call in on their newly retrieved communicators and then wait.  Rob did make his way back to Sir Thomas Beane's Estate, so the message was sent twice that reinforcements were needed.  In spite of searching through the rubble, only a few survivors were found and, curiously, no sign of Her Ladyship nor the always slippery Ecks and Wye.  If they had escaped the explosion then it would be up to Interpol or MI5 to track them down. For now, UNCLE's job was finished here.

The London office was quick to respond, and to the amazement of both Solo and Kuryakin, among those whose arrival they welcomed was the Old Man himself, in full tweed.  Napoleon's wound was not as serious as he had first imagined.  As it happened the bullet hit leather first, thanks to his shoulder holster not having been removed.  The impact was remarkably like that of wearing a protective vest, eliciting thanksgiving for favors small and large.

Illya was, to Napoleon's amazement, completely intact.  His naked torso did not reveal the previous wounds he had witnessed, and the energy with which his Russian partner had worked while extricating them both from within the courtyard defied the nearly dead man he had left in the care of Rob Stewart.  Whether it was the magic of Christmas or the mystery of Scotland, he knew not.  But once again Napoleon Solo marveled at how well they had made out on something that previously was viewed as nothing short of a tragic ending.

Alexander Waverly was in London awaiting the results of this affair, having flown in with his wife and children for what he called a serendipitous journey back to England, for the purpose of enjoying Christmas as a true English family should.  Of course, Constance Waverly knew it was subterfuge, but went along willingly for the sake of the eventual good times they would have in her former homeland.  The allure of an English Christmas did much to soften her attitude towards UNCLE business in the middle of her favorite holiday.

Happily for the Waverly clan, this mission was concluded before the Great Day.  By the time the site was examined and all participants, those that survived, were rounded up for a later date with interrogations, the bells of London churches were ringing in the faithful for Midnight services. Illya and Napoleon had rooms at the Savoy, an unprecedented expression of largesse from Waverly.  He summoned all of his kind regard for the two men he routinely sent into the worst possible situations, although his wife Constance did have some say in it; a detail of which the two recipients of the luxurious suite were aware.

Napoleon did make mention to Mr. Waverly concerning Rob Stewart, without whose help the victory would never have happened.  Since the young man was left with no relations after the death of his mother (something he bore with unusual grace and no ill will towards those whose actions had most certainly caused it), he was invited to join the growing group of guests who would dine with the Waverlys on Christmas Day.  Rob was only too happy to accept the invitation, his fascination with the two men he had met during this most unusual escapade (not to mention the extraordinary visitations of the Scottish Wildcat and the Kelpie), made him wonder if he too might work for the U.N.C.L.E. someday.

Illya Kuryakin was Russian, and therefore not unfamiliar with tales of mysterious creatures and magical transformations.  He had certainly heard of Kelpies, and the tales surrounding the Scottish Wildcats.  He had no other explanation for how his body had been saved from the tortured, bleeding mass of flesh he had been before the encounter with Rob.  He wouldn't question any of it, for to do so was to discredit the healing, and the culture of Scotland.  He wasn't always a man of faith, but wisdom dictated that he not scoff at it either.  As for Napoleon, his heart was happy, which is to say that his optimism was intact and the Spirit of Christmas within him was shining bright as the lights on the Waverly's Christmas tree.

The meal was delicious, a traditional British feast of Beef Roast and Yorkshire Pudding, roasted parsnips and potatoes, and for dessert a beautiful array of sweets.  Illya was as close to heaven as could be with the elaborate spread, while Napoleon basked in the warmth of the day.  Adding to his pleasure was the unexpected arrival of his Aunt Amy, whose Christmas plans often revolved around her favorite nephew and his handsome friend.  She had decided to fly to London as soon as Constance Waverly informed her of the situation and probable Christmas Day events.  Both women set their hearts and hopes on a good outcome, and were richly rewarded as they sat at table among their favorite men.

Alexander Waverly looked around the great table, not unlike the one in his office.  The large dining room in his London Home afforded room for this one, which seated twelve people.  His people.

Constance was there as were their two grown children and families.  That made seven.  Completing the assembly were Amy Trudeau, Napoleon, Illya, Rob Stewart and of course Alexander.

Twelve.  Like the Twelve Days of Christmas, the twelves months of the year, twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night.  This was a complete circle, and one for which every soul was grateful.  In spite of tragedy or loss, the spirit of the day remained joyful and full of gratitude for just being together on Christmas.

And so it was, at the end of the evening as each one left for various destinations...

They each sauntered down to a warm, spritely cabbie
And away they all drove past the famous old Abbey
But each of them hailed as their cars pulled from sight

My version of Aunt Amy is slightly altered from what is usually written.  You can find her story HERE

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There's a lot going on today, and I didn't want anyone to miss out on the Round Robin here on Section VII.  There's only one chapter left and today's entry is not to be missed.  You can find the entire listing HERE And in case you missed it, this is how it all started...

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Napoleon hefted Illya over his shoulder with a grunt. As light as Kuryakin was, right now he was dead weight.

Rob led the way, carrying his torch and after some twists and turns they exited the tunnel somewhere outside of the castle, not far from Loch Awe.

“Now what?” Rob asked.

“I’m thinking.” Napoleon carefully lowered Illya to a bit of grass beside the water’s edge.

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A/N: Apologies, as my chapter is too long so it's being posted in two parts.

Napoleon made his way along the secret tunnel, but his instincts told him something was off. Ecks was being too helpful. If he was supposedly here to dismantle THRUSH’s plans...who the heck was he working for?

Solo just wasn't comfortable not knowing who paid them to do this. They were guns for hire and he wondered if offered the right price, would they switch sides, as was often the case with mercenary types.

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IN PROGRESS HERE IN [livejournal.com profile] section7mfu

If you haven't checked it out, then you've been missing some great
story telling!

It's a fabulous adventure taking place in Scotland, just before
the Christmas holidays. There's vivid imagery, mystery, and myths,
along with danger and angst.  We've got Napoleon and Illya facing
old foes, and a delisciously evil villainess, as well as some intriguing
original characters.

Here's the chapters so far:

Chapter 1. by ssclassof56
Chapter 2. by alynwa
Chapter 3. by avirra
Chapter 4 by katb357

Chapter 5 by jantojones
Chapter 6 by pfrye
Chapter 7 by sidhe_uaine42

Chapter 8 by lindafishes8
Chapter 9  by [livejournal.com profile] lucky_ladybug.
Chapter 10 by [livejournal.com profile] mrua7
-posting in two parts because it's a long one! Part 1, Part 2

Tomorrow chapter 11  the conclusion by Glennagirl
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The Christmas Round Robin: 'T'was the UNCLE Round Robin,'continues here on Section VII.

The story is fantastic with great writing, a chilling mood and imagery.  Every chapter has been fantastic, building to an eventual cresendo.  Only two chapters left...will Napoleon and Illya survive to save the day?

The prompt: )

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I hope this sounds okay. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but I'm also not sure how I could write it differently. I've been playing in other pastures for the most part lately, so I'm a little worried my Napoleon may sound rusty....

Chapter 9 )
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The Christmas Round Robin: 'T'was the UNCLE Round Robin,'continues here on Section VII.

The story is fantastic with great writing, a chilling mood and imagery.  We now have a wonderful villainess and the angst level has just been ramped up! We now know what she and THRUSH are up to and it ain't good at all. The boys are in trouble too (of course as where would a story be without some angst?

The prompt: )
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Special thanks to Mrua7 for her beta. Thanks, M!

It was Scottish lore, he remembered. Highland Tigers have the power to bless or to curse. When one came upon such a cat, food must be offered. If the cat believed you were deserving of its favors, the food was accepted and a blessing was given. The green-eyed young man was pleased as he watched the animal carry the hare off into the brush.

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I apologize for the fact that this is completely unbeta'ed, plus the fact that I posted it so late (I just got back from a doctor's appointment, and I have to go back Friday to get blood drawn since they couldn't get any today.)  I hope nobody minds the OC Scottish Wildcat. *blush*
Meow )
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The Christmas Round Robin: 'T'was the UNCLE Round Robin,'
continues here on Section VII.
The story is progressing beautifully; great writing with a chilling mood and imagery.  We now have a wonderful villainess and the angst level has just been ramped up! There's a hint at what THRUSH might be up to but Lady Olivia seems to have an ulterior motive.

The prompt, incase you missed it... )

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Napoleon woke with a groan and slowly pushed himself into a sitting position against the stone wall of his cell.  As cells went he’d been in worse, but not many.  No cot, no window, just cold damp stones.  The only way in or out was a solid oak door with a small barred window that allowed a faint light to illuminate his surroundings.  The floor was covered in mouldy straw that had obviously been there for quite some time.

He had no idea how long he’d been here but judging by the way his stomach was growling it was morning.  He wondered how Illya was faring.  The last he had seen his Russian partner was when Lady Olivia’s goons had pulled him struggling to the opposite side of the courtyard.  He hoped Illya had enough sense to not antagonize the large THRUSHs manhandling him, but he doubted it.

Napoleon stood as he heard a key rattling in the door.  It swung open and two large guards entered, one blocked the door pointing his rifle at him.   The second put a wooden bucket on the floor and pushed it towards Napoleon with his foot.  “Wash” he growled and tossed a grimy rag at him, then he set down a stack of clothing.  “Her Ladyship insists you dress for brunch.”

“Of course” Napoleon grinned “I wouldn’t want to disappoint my hostess.”

His two guards never more than a few feet from him Napoleon was led through a maze of underground hallways, then up a narrow flight of stairs.  Solo knew he had to put off any escape attempt for the time being.  A meal with the mysterious Lady Olivia might give him the information U.N.C.L.E. wanted and help him locate Illya.

A heavy oak door was opened and Napoleon was pushed inside what were obviously Lady Olivia’s living quarters.  A crackling fire lent the only warmth to the lushly renovated surroundings.  Heavy tapestries hung on the stone walls, antique furniture filled the room.  A door opened and Lady Olivia entered, dressed in a lovely black skirt with a Royal Stewart tartan blazer.   “Mr. Solo, so kind of you to join me.”

“How could I refuse” he murmured as he kissed her hand.

“Oh, what a charmer you are...so unlike your disagreeable associate.”

“Ah, speaking of my associate...how is he?”

“Alive.”  Olivia smiled, “Well, at least for now.”

Lady Olivia slid her arm into Solo’s.  “Tell me Mr. Solo, do you love the Holidays?”  Not waiting for him to answer she continued “I do, I love receiving presents, If you told me what U.N.C.L.E. knows about my plans I’d be ever so happy….would you like to see my Christmas tree?”

She led Napoleon through an archway into a dining area where a table was set for two.  In the corner of the room was a large evergreen bedecked for the season.  Napoleon smiled as he held the chair for Lady Olivia and then sat across from  her.  “Lovely tree” he smiled hoping his Solo charm wouldn’t let him down.  “But not as lovely as the vision sitting across from me!”

Olivia sighed, thinking that it might just be a tad difficult to kill this one.

“When I was a little girl my father would tell us stories about our heritage, that the Stewarts were the rightful heirs to the British throne. I knew that one day I’d be able to right that wrong.   With THRUSH’s help, and my plan,  I will do so and I will be the Queen.  I was born to be Queen!”

Napoleon shook his head.  It was obvious that not only was Lady Olivia dangerous, and no doubt beautiful but like so many other THRUSH she was also somewhat insane.  He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

Lady Olivia saw the look of pity on Solo’s face and a cold fury took her.  “Look up Mr. Solo...look up at my Christmas angel.” Solo looked up.  Illya, bloody and unconscious hung by his manacled wrists from a short chain threaded through an iron ring embedded in the ceiling.  Dangling his bare feet were only a few inches above the top of the gaily decorated Christmas tree.

At Napoleon’s stricken expression Lady Olivia began to laugh.
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“You seem to have me at a disadvantage,” the woman replied, in an exceptionally cut-glass accent. “Who are you, and what are you doing lurking around outside my castle?”

Lady Olivia was a woman who was born into nobility, as could be evidenced by the way she carried herself. She was used to people being in awe of her beauty and wealth, but the dark-haired intruder intrigued her. His expression was that of a man who was confident of seducing any woman with a mere look. She tried not to notice the primal stirring from deep within her.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, alynlusby's chapter hasn't posted.  So JantoJones will be writing chapter 5 and posting it on Monday 12/12

So this pushes everyone's posting date back a day. If there's a problem let me know asap?  Please respond to the pm I sent you or to this post to let me know you've read it.
Fingers crossed no more delays.

If alynlusby is able to post, then I will slot her in after insane ladybug.
Thanks everyone and sorry for the change. It was unavoidable.

> > JantoJones 12/12
> > Pfrye- 12/13
> > sidhe_uaine42 12/14
> > lindafishes8 12/15
> > insane ladybug 12/16
> > mrua7 12/17
> > glennagirl 12/18
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Alynlusby's chapter for the Round Robin seems to be delayed. Am looking into it.  Will keep all the writers informed. We may end up pushing the schedule back a day for everyone who's left to post in order to have the fair amount of time to compose their chapters.

JantoJones who is up tomorrow pm'd me with her concern as it's after 8 pm where is and she is concerned about having to write her chapter in a rush tomorrow morning in order to keep to the timetable. We don't want that to happen.

So if need be she may have to post Monday in order to give her time to write. That in turn will push everyone else back a day. Not sure yet.

Will let you know.  Problems? Please pm me asap.  Thanks!
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The Christmas Round Robin: 'T'was the UNCLE Round Robin,'
has begun here on Section VII.  The story is off moving along with
vivid imagery and a now a bit of danger and angst added to the tale!

Prompt behind the cut )

Chapter 1.  by ssclassof56
Chapter 2. by alynwa
Chapter 3. by avirra
Chapter 4 by katb357

Up Saturday chapter 5 by alynlusby!
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Dedication: I just lost one of my best friends, my ex-husband, the father of my eldest daughter. He was a part of my life for forty years, although we had been divorced for most of that. We realized early on that we weren't good married, but great as friends. He always championed my writing and actually helped me get my first computer. I am flying soon to Florida to visit my daughter and her family. I'm going to miss my friend. RIP David S. 1960-2016.


The castle loomed ominously before them out of the darkness. The swirling fog played eerily amongst the many openings in the broken walls, and throughout the battlements atop some of the ruins. The sheer size of the castle up close was enough to give them pause for a few moments. The brilliant brassy light that they had witnessed from Sir Thomas Bean’s estate was currently nowhere to be seen. Everything was bathed in what little moonlight could penetrate the fog, which seemed to have a living, breathing aura about it, surrounding the two agents, chilling them with its very presence. The grass underfoot was long and wet, and clung to their legs, reminding Napoleon uncomfortably of thin strands of seaweed. Unwelcome images of kelpies flitted through his mind.
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The Christmas Round Robin: 'T'was the UNCLE Round Robin,'
has begun here on Section VII.  The story is off to a brilliant start, with
vivid imagery to chill you on a wintry night. (or day)

Prompt behind the cut: )
Chapter 1.  by [livejournal.com profile] ssclassof56
Chapter 2. by [livejournal.com profile] alynwa
Chapter 3. by [livejournal.com profile] avirra

Up Friday: [livejournal.com profile] katb357


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