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Great Episode Challenge. 15-21 September (Prompt 1)


Friends, Russians, countrymen

He ran into him on his way to meet Napoleon, who was waiting in the car down in the garage. The tall Englishman was coming out of the elevator.

“Illya, my old mucker! Good to see you again. You haven’t changed a bit. How are you?”

“Very well, thank you,” Illya replied coolly. “How are you, Mark?”

“Extremely well, and raring to go.” Mark said, and continued, chattily, “I heard you were here, of course. Never would have thought we’d end up on the same side, eh?”

That all-too familiar, breezy bonhomie of the privately-educated English male, speaking in the cut-glass accents of the upper-classes, with their implicit put-down of lesser mortals – or serfs, in his case. His old mucker, indeed. He knew what that odd expression meant now. A place at Cambridge didn’t make you equal, they made sure of that.

“No,” he replied. “It must be strange to find that even Russians take any kind of moral view of the world.”

“I didn’t mean...” said Mark awkwardly, “don’t be like that, Illya … you know how it was at Cambridge… Secret Service recruiters and all that.”

“Yes. I do know.”

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I wrote this last year when Hermine hit. She was a lamb compared to Irma.

Link takes you to AO3.

The Florida Affair
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I honestly don't intend to have WIPs. I start out with a pretty complete idea, then that darn muse throws in all sorts of unexpected scenarios. And partway through, she up and goes on vacation. Bah!

While I wait for her to blow back into town and help me complete The Breach of Promise Affair, here's a link to Death in the Forecast, a story I managed to get out of her in June. Maybe it will coax her back. :)

Image takes you to AO3.

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This is the next installment of my entry for July's Great Episode Challenge.

The link goes to AO3.

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I wrote this for a PicFic awhile back.


The image takes you to AO3.
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This is the next installment of my entry for July's Great Episode Challenge.

The link goes to AO3.

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Episode: The Summit Five Affair (S4E1)

Prompt 1: When Lisa Rogers tells Illya to report to Harry Beldon, she says, “You'll have to expect him to be somewhat, uh—.” Illya replies, “I've worked with Harry Beldon. I know what to expect.” So the question arises…What are Illya’s previous experiences working with Beldon?

The image takes you to the Map Room. The main link is there, since the story includes Illya's first encounter with Faustina.


My Series

Jul. 4th, 2017 01:12 pm
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I have 4 series/collections on AO3.

Agent Pemberley - Stories that feature my OC Faustina

World Enough and Time - My series on Illya and Faustina's road to romance

Then Live With Me and Be My Love - Stories that focus on Illya and Faustina's relationship and family

Drabbles and Double Drabbles
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Prompts: Traffic / green
Word Count: ~900

Catching up on an older prompt. The image takes you to AO3.

Bernice Original
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Prompts: Wine / white
Word Count: ~1000

The image takes you to AO3.

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The final two chapters of Death in the Forecast are up on AO3.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
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The image below takes you to Death in the Forecast - Chapter 3 on AO3.

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The continuation of the Short Affair I posted yesterday is up.

The link takes you to AO3.

Death in the Forecast - Chapter 2
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Prompts: Stir / yellow
Word Count: ~450

This idea turned into a much longer piece than expected, so I broke it into sections. It begins with the Short Affair below. The image takes you to AO3.

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Episode: The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair

Prompt 1: As they discuss giving Kay Lorrison the Jekyll-Hyde routine, Illya says to Napoleon, “You haven’t played the villain for a long time.” So the questions arise…When was the last time Napoleon played the villain? Why has it been so long? Is it really that Illya is so much better at it? Did it not go so well the last time Napoleon took the role of the heavy?

I'm late to my own party.

Dr. Jekyll and Miss Babcock

Link takes you to AO3.
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If you're feeling romantic today, I offer my story Our Long Love's Day. It is the conclusion to my series World Enough and Time, about Illya and Faustina's rocky road to romance. In keeping with today's theme, Illya does quote the Bard, among other things.

Our Long Love's Day on AO3

World Enough and Time on AO3
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Napoleon took a seat at the table and interrupted his jaunty whistling long enough to offer a greeting. Faustina smiled distractedly as she monitored the sugar cascading from the dispenser into her coffee cup. Illya grunted from behind his newspaper. Napoleon whistled more loudly and tapped an accompaniment on the table.

“Evidently you are waiting for one of us to ask why you are so chipper,” Illya said without moving the paper.


“And you will continue to make irritating noises until we do?”

“Smart Russian.”

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Prompts: Easy / brown
Word Count: ~925
An AU story of the future Kuryakin family

As Illya wrestled with the folding projection screen, a rhythmic thunking sound broke into his awareness. “Stop kicking the table,” he advised his son.

Léon threw himself back against the couch cushions with a groan. “Why do I have to be here?”

“Because we are spending time together as a family.” Illya gave a triumphant exhalation when the screen case ceased revolving and clicked into place. “Whether you like it or not.”

Slide Show

Link takes you to the Map Room.
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Prompts: sculpture / green
Word Count: ~1000
This story was also partly inspired by the Everybody Loves Raymond episode “Marie’s Sculpture.”

Solo and Kuryakin turned into their corridor, crossing paths with a pair of pencil-skirted secretaries. “Good morning, ladies,” Napoleon said as he smoothly stepped aside.

The women blushed and giggled. He watched in bemused appreciation as they hurried away, whispering to each other and darting glances back at him.

“What do you make of that?” Napoleon asked as he caught up to his partner.

“I abandoned such speculations long ago.”

Their office door slid open. A third secretary emerged and froze at the sight of them. “Monica?” Napoleon said. With a gasp, she slapped him across the face and stalked off.

“Interesting date last night?” Illya asked and walked through the doorway.

“I didn’t have one,” Napoleon replied, rubbing his cheek.

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