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A Kaleidoscope of Birthday Wishes for [livejournal.com profile] vysila
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Written for the 2015 Easter Egg Exchange on the Man from UNCLE Writers' Survival School (mfuwss) community on Live Journal. It's a gen story featuring Illya. A flower garden and a curious cat were the prompts.

This story was dedicated to the late Sylvaine Grivel, who loved her little calico cat, her flower garden and Illya!

A/N Assume that all conversations in the story are conducted in French, except for those between Illya and Napoleon. The story takes place now, that is to say, Easter weekend 2015, although some inevitable liberties have been taken.

"Into the Light" The link takes you to AO3

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Let's take a walk...er, rather we can 'do the stroll... to one of my favorite videos, Exotic Dancing by [livejournal.com profile] vysila

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This is a story that was written for Down the Chimney 2011, by [livejournal.com profile] vysila, for me.  I was thrilled to receive it, and expect you will be equally entertained as you travel this little country road of adventure with our UNCLE faves.
Coffee on Canvas on AO3

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I was so discombobulated and tired last night when I finished up the vid that I neglected to cross-post to various comms. I know we're mostly reading everything but some folks may only be looking at a single comm, so I just wanted to get the word out.

Here's a new vid in the wake of our 50th anniversary here on LJ that can be shared with everyone in our fandom. The particulars about the vid can be found over here.

This vid is for YOU, dear friends and fellow fans. Thank you all for being such a large and wonderful part of my life.


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