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Ahhh my final story for 2014. Hope you enjoy it! Happy New Year!

The senior agents sat at the table in the Section II Conference room. It was the final Monday morning briefing before the new year, but there was little report,

as thankfully T.H.R.U.S.H. and all the other evil doers had take off for the holidays in a sort of unspoken truce.

Napoleon Solo often commented that even the Thrushies had families, though his partner seemed a little more blood thirsty, saying that did not stop them from killing innocents and they did not deserve the niceties of the holidays.

Most of agents were fidgeting in their seats, anxious to get the usually tedious meeting over with. Some would be taking off having made plans for the new year’s celebration, though most would remain in the city.

One never knew when the call to duty would come.

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I’m combining three challenges into one: ‘Wednesday is all about April,’ ‘Song Story’- the prompt: “Baby it’s cold outside,” and ‘What’s my line,’ the prompt: “I don’t believe in Santa Claus.” Enjoy!


Christmas is coming the good is getting fat, please to put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny then a ha’penny will do. If you haven’t got a ha’penny then God bless you, then God bless you, God bless you...”

Mark Slate sang out, playing his guitar as he was seated on a stool in the Canteen, entertaining the troops with a singalong; it being Christmas Eve, as it were.

They were all stuck there for the duration since a huge blizzard had hit, bringing the city to a stand still. No one could get out or into Del Floria’s or anywhere else for that matter.

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Thinking back on the THRUSHie, April was relieved to recall that she had been disguised - different hair color and style. Mark, however, had looked like Mark. Disguising him now was out of the question so she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then suddenly flailed out her arm, striking Mark hard in the nose.

Naturally, Mark let out a loud yelp and April started blabbering as Mark raised one of his hands to his now bloody nose.

"Oh my heavens! How clumsy of me!"

Bruising was already forming under his eyes by the time a doctor reset his nose.

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“Mark darling, did you believe in Santa when you were a little boy?”

April Dancer was trying to make conversation in order to keep her wounded partner distracted and from slipping into unconsciousness.

It was Christmas Eve and she had only one wish, and it was for Mark Slate to survive.

She looked up at the sky, seeing a star shining brighter than the others and thought, no... hoped it was the Star of Bethlehem.

He didn’t answer her question at first, making April more apprehensive. She was afraid she was going to lose him.


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The first two days at the spa turned up nothing suspicious, but on the third day, Mark was exiting the whirlpool area when he thought his heart was going to stop. When he returned to their room, April knew something was wrong and moved to him immediately, handing him a pen and pad.

"You're awfully pale - pain bothering you?"

As he began writing, Mark went along for the sake of anyone listening.

"Yes. I had a very sharp pain."

April winced when she saw Mark's scribble.

~The THRUSHie that we escaped from earlier this year. He's here.~

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"The Ruse: Part 1 Part 2

GFUposter"Miss Dancer," Waverly relit his pipe, pausing befoe he spoke to her; his bushy   eyebrows arched as he did so.

“I know you’re putting on a brave face at the loss of your partner, but my dear I want to make sure you’re truly ready for this assignment?”

April shifted her position in her chair, choosing her words carefully before responding to her boss.

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April Dancer took a deep calming breath. She needed it as she was surrounded by a squad of THRUSH goons who were hell bent on capturing her. She suspected if she were killed in the process it didn’t matter much to them.

They didn’t really want her, just the documents she was carrying in her purse.

“Hello boys?” She called out from behind her rocky cover. “If you don’t back off, I’m going to burn what you want...I have a butane lighter and I’m not afraid to use it.”

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As they pulled up to the entrance of the Spa, April had to admit that it was gorgeous and the air was filled with lovely bird song.

"How lovely. Do the birds sing like that around here all of the time?"

The driver smiled at her.

"Yes, madam. The Spa is beside a bird sanctuary. The one you are hearing now is said to possibly have the most beautiful song of all wild birds - the wood thrush."

April and Mark exchanged a wry glance. It seemed on this mission, they would be surrounded by more than one type of thrush.
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If you've not read any of my Vanya series, this is a link to what has come before.  It is on AO3.
House of Vanya

Somewhere in New York City, 1990...

He hadn't meant to intrude on what looked like a private moment, but the sight of her stopped him in his tracks.  In so doing he caused the person who had been following too closely behind him to bump and then stumble; Illya Kuryakin responded with an automatic lightening response, catching the girl before she landed on all fours.

This series of events caught the eye of the pretty woman with the auburn hair.

She was sitting at a table by the window, the sunlight working like an irridescent shower as it washed over April Dancer's still vibrant hair.  The young man who sat across from her had a similar shade of hair, and as Illya regained his solitary path he took note of what now registered as a family resemblance.

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The doors to Waverly’s conference room opened with a quiet ‘whoosh’ and in strolled Napoleon Solo, flanked by his Russian partner.

“Gentlemen, thank you for being prompt.” The Old Man’s attention returned to the auburn-haired woman seated across from him.

“Miss Dancer, I’ll expect your report upon arrival in London. Now Dismissed.”

April dressed in a tight-fitting yellow mini-dress and matching boots stood. Slowly walking to the door, she flashed a coy smile.

The effects of her swaying hips were hypnotic as three necks craned to watch her.

“Brrrhummhumm, yes quite,” Waverly coughed, hoping the others hadn’t noticed his gawking.

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It took a week from that first involuntary flinch until Mark was ready to be discharged from Medical. April was practically giddy walking alongside Napoleon and Illya on her way to spring her partner.

"You know what, darlings? I have never in my life been so glad to have a ticklish partner."

"I am glad the substance wore off. We have still not found a counter that does not threaten to do more harm than good."

"At least if another agent is affected, we know if we keep them supported in Medical, then time will take care of the rest."

Vegas 1 - Vegas 2 - Vegas 3 - Vegas 4 - Vegas 5 - Vegas 6 - Vegas 7 - Vegas 8 - Vegas 9 - Vegas 10
Vegas 11 - Vegas 12 - Vegas 13 - Vegas 14
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A tree lined boulevard, people passing each other amiably as fall leaves drop in a delicate dance that is propelled by a soft breeze.  Among those in this parade of contentment walk two people, a dark haired man and an auburn haired young woman; their arms are linked in a familiar fashion as they chat and laugh together.  It seems the perfect scene of a love affair amidst the shower of golds and copper that lines the walkway.

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“Darling, would you look at that?”

“What luv?”

“The leaves are starting to change color. It’s sort of depressing.”

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The medical team soon got used to working around April. In fact, she took over the daily non-medical tasks involved in tending to Mark as she knew him and knew he was mortified about being constantly touched by strangers.

At first, April managed to keep up a cheerful front, but as another day ended without any progress being made toward finding a cure, she sat by his side, discouraged. Taking his right hand in hers, she brought it to her face, pressing her cheek against the back of it, not bothering to stop the flow of tears dampening it.

Vegas 1 - Vegas 2 - Vegas 3 - Vegas 4 - Vegas 5 - Vegas 6 - Vegas 7 - Vegas 8 - Vegas 9 - Vegas 10 - Vegas 11 - Vegas 12
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Two people sitting in a diner looked like just a couple of hungry customer, waiting for their meals to arrive.  The man was sandy haired and slightly built, his companion an auburn haired young woman in bell bottom jeans and a striped sweater.  Together they seemed stylish in a very subtle way; what they didn't appear to be was dangerous.

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Links to chapter 1: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/702458.html
chapter 2: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/717867.html

It was dark and in the wee hours of the morning by the time Mark, Napoleon and Illya pulled up in front of the Palace Theater. Supposedly set for the ‘off-Broadway’ opening of ‘The Queen’s Ransom’; the place was not what the agents expected. It was a bit on the seedy side and gave them a rather ominous feeling. Perhaps there wasn’t a real play after all and this was simply a trap set by this rhyming man fellow.

They knew they were in the right place when the saw a poster of a woman dressed in a regal gown bearing a strong resemblance to April Dancer.

Mark Slate paused for a moment staring at the poster, a look of worry filled his face.

“Don’t worry Mark, we’ll find her,” Napoleon reassured him.

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Napoleon's soft words stopped April in her tracks. Illya took over the explanation.

"It appears the dart stuck in Mark's jacket, but did not make contact until he started to take it off. The substance was a paralytic agent and took effect almost immediately. He was very lucky he did not strike his head on any of the fixtures or fall face first into the shower. He was also fortunate that the full dose of the dart did not go into his system or it would have suppressed his breathing."

"My poor Mark. Has it worn off yet?"

Vegas 1 - Vegas 2 - Vegas 3 - Vegas 4 - Vegas 5 - Vegas 6 - Vegas 7 - Vegas 8 - Vegas 9 - Vegas 10
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Profuse apologies for taking so long to get back to this collection of stories.  If you've not been following it you can start at the top of this list, or even peruse it for a review.  We're now ready to get on with this mission, finally.

April's Dream
House of Monkeys
Moving In

Sorting Remnants
The Morning After


The Mission's The Thing

Walking into Monkey House was like parting a mystical veil.  April and Illya were instantly in character the moment their feet touched the old hardwood floorboards that served as the first impression in this house of design.  If April thought Illya could act cold and reserved at times, she was surprised to find that he was capable of even stauncher behavior than what had been previously observed.  In a stark contrast to the night before he was now avoiding her touch, leering at the receptionist as though he might take her on the spot.  For a wife it was humiliating; for April it was an opportunity.

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Link to chapter 1: http://section7mfu.livejournal.com/702458.html


Solo and Kuryakin followed the car they were tailing at a discreet distance until it slowed to a stop, parking in front of a neatly appointed brownstone in the vicinity of Washington Square Park.

They pulled up behind it, and watched as the driver walked across the sidewalk, up a flight of stairs leading to the front door.  He withdrew a key from his pocket after nervously looking around himself before opening the door and slipping inside.

“That’s our cue,” Napoleon said, as he and his partner exited the car; heading after their quarry.

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The bathroom door was locked, but hardly an obstacle. Once opened, they saw Mark crumpled on the tile floor, his jacket halfway off.

April and Napoleon hurried to his side. Not wanting to crowd them, Illya stepped around, turning off the now icy water coming from the showerhead.

"His breathing is regular, but he's unconscious."

Napoleon carefully eased the jacket the rest of the way off of Mark. April saw something drop to the floor and gingerly picked it up.

"It's a dart of some sort."

"We need to get it to the lab and Mark to Medical."

Vegas 1 - Vegas 2 - Vegas 3 - Vegas 4 - Vegas 5 - Vegas 6 - Vegas 7 - Vegas 8


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